wet room shower tray.

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    Convert downstairs bathroom back to utility?

    Hi all I am wanting to convert our downstairs bathroom (previous owners had council conversion due to immobility) back to a utility room. It has a kind of wet room floor and a large double shower tray that was in a walk in shower. The shower has been removed and for a quick fix we had our...
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    Mortar or Concrete bed? For sloped shower pan.

    Hi All, Just finishing my wet room. I have a linear drain in the end embedded and secured levelled into the concrete floor. I am now ready to do the wet room slope pan. I have placed two pieces of strip wood on each side and raised them accordingly to my slope measurements. I will use these...
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    Wet room shower tray.

    Is there any reason why I can’t fit a 30mm Orion shower tray directly too my floor boards then build the rest of the bathroom up with 30mm ply my issue is my floor boards run right through under my walls, so cutting out the square and then fixing the boards which are not close to a joist will...