wet ufh system

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    Wet UFH recommendations

    Hi, I am planning to install a wet system in the next week or 2, prior to screed arrival for my new kitchen floor. Having done quite a bit of googling, I can't seem to find many impartial places of advice as to what's a half decent and not too pricey ufh system for approx 28m2 in a single...
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    Wet Underfloor Heating with Timber Joists (1st Floor) + Eng Wood

    Hi, We are renovating our house - its currently been gutted and we are thinking of putting Wet Underfloor heating in the whole house and currently weighing up the options. The ground floor will definitely be UFH (concrete floor so will be 100mm celotex + pipes + screed + flooring.) and we are...
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    Under Floor Heating Balancing

    Hi Have installed an Emetti UFH system under Agilia A screed. Two zones, 3 loops (one large kitchen for 2 loops and one utility for one loop) in a refurbishment/extension. Loops 1&2 kitchen, Loop 3 utility. It has been running for ten days now, I started at 20 C and raised to 55 C by 5 per...