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    Summerhouse and wind

    Hi In September I had a national shed company put up a summerhouse in the back garden in quite an exposed spot. It's very high winds tonight and when I went in to it earlier the sides were creaking and there was a lot of movement with each gust of wind. It seems the wind is hitting the front of...
  2. D

    Combi vibrates intermittently on windy days

    Hi, My combi has started shaking intermittently during the recent stormy weather almost as if air pressure is getting trapped in through the flue somehow.(sounds a little like a washing machine on spin in the next room) If I turn the thermostat down, it stops and then runs normally when I turn...
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    New log burner twin wall flue drip and wind

    Hi everyone, We’ve had an absolute disaster of a HETAS registered log burner installation. Finally 3 months after installation we can finally use it and it’s wonderful. We have twin wall flue, going up internally through the bedroom and into the very small loft space (2.5 ft max). We’ve had a...