window cill

  1. R

    Replace uPVC Window Sill Connector

    Is it possible to replace a 135° angle joint/connector on a uPVC window sill without taking the whole frame out? Or do I just buy a connector, cut out the inside, glue to the top of the sill and hope it lasts?
  2. C

    Should this window gap be sealed and how?

    Hello folks, I have attached a photo of my window which seems to have a gap between the cill and the window (I am referring to the bit where that small leaf seems to be stuck). Should this be sealed because I read somewhere that a gap is required for drainage but then I have also read that it...
  3. R

    Square-up window openings in block cavity walls

    Hi All, Short version: We want to replace the UPVC windows in our house and straighten the window openings through the cavity wall blockwork in the process. Our house (is the least imaginative design possible): - 9m x 9m footprint. - 2 stories with a pitched roof. - Cavity walls made of...
  4. vintcerf

    window install help

    Hi all, I'm trying to install a window in my shed and wondering how best to do it. I've attached some photos and the window leaves a gap of about 2 to 3 cm around the window opening. do I also need a cill/sill? The window is aluminium. Thanks
  5. C

    Concrete Sill Broken Off

    Hi, The corner of my concrete window sill has broken off. I think it's original 1950s. Whats the best way to go about repair, mortar and sealant? Or should I be worried about any under lying issues. Appreciate your advice! Thanks
  6. S

    Stone wall cavity closer

    Hi, I would like a view on how best to close the cavities around window and door openings. The wall is 7N blockwork on the internal leaf and rough stone on the outer, which results in a very undulating cavity size. I have 80mm tongue and groove insulation in a 150mm cavity. The stone is at...
  7. D

    Advice on sander selection

    I am planing to repaint 3 window sills. Each one is 54cm x 178cm. 2 are south facing and get full sun (as and when) most of the day. I need to sand down and am not sure what sander to get. I have had a orbital, which was great for dry walling but I don't think so in this situation. A detail...
  8. J

    Large cracks in wall and under window

    Sorry not sure where to post but i need a bit of help, ive got a problem with mold in this room which i washed just 3 days ago and this was not there then. Can anyone tell me what this could be? and what needs to be done about it? Or How it could even appear so quickly? (Video not very good)...
  9. C

    Prevent further deterioration of wooden Window Cills

    Hello, The paint on one of my window cills has started to come off (see photos), and I want to prevent further deterioration of the paint, or damage to the wooden cill underneath. This is the only window cill in the house which has this issue, so I was hoping there might be a temporary fix...
  10. A

    IWI Window Cill and reveals

    Hello All, I am about to start insulating our dining room. We live in a 1930s Yorkshire stone and red brick cavity wall end terrace house. Cavity wall insulation is not possible nor is External Wall Insulation so Internal Wall Insulation it is. I have already used Gyproc Thermaline Super 90mm...
  11. B

    Dormer windows flashing for plain tiles

    Hi, Can't seem to find details of the soakers/flashing required for uPVC window in stud partition with vertical plain tile cladding. Do I need a sill tray/pan Do I need to get heavy with the lead tools and boss out my own Do I need to put soakers in the ends of the tiles as I think I can see on...
  12. KevinRussell

    Chemical Cure for Silicone Sealant?

    Hi A few years ago we had a uPVC Conservatory fitted. The guy who put the uPVC window cills on sealed around the edge and then I am sure he used a chemical on a cloth to harden the sealant, The cills have since settled and I need to redo them - I'd like to harden them off again rather that...