window seal

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    How do I replace this seals, rubbers, silicone for windows?

    Following the lovely weather from the last couple of weekends, water started getting into my flat through the windows. The seals on my windows seems pretty much gone but I have no idea what they are. The internal one seems to be some sort of solid rubber now weathered down and the people from...
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    Windows Rubber Seal Replacement - Outer Seal Only or Inner Also?

    Daft question I know, but I only have a a small amount of rubber seal left, obviously I should buy more, but wonder if all windows have 2 seals, and if so which is the most important to replace? I expect the external seal is more important to replace, due to this would be where the weather gets...
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    Greenhouse with old windows

    Hi there, Hoping someone can offer their advice. I am planning on reusing approx. 30 yr old windows to make a small lean-to greenhouse. The layer between the wooden frames and glass is crumbling and I am not entirely sure whether this is the old putty. The frames have been stripped of...
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    PVC window not sealing properly

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone would know what we can do about our front window? They're standard looking pvc windows with one panel that opens out on the right. There's a gap between that window that opens and the vertical bar at the end of the main pane. It's actually hard to see in the...
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    What is an acceptable gap between the outer edge of a u pvc window frame and brickwork?

    I have noticed that the windows at the front of my house have become very noisy when it is windy. Upon further inspection there seems to be a gap around most of the windows where the silicone has shrunk away approximately 10mm to 15mm. The house is a new build and i have only lived in it for a...