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    Drying plaster in winter? (duplicates merged)

    Hi everyone, I’m currently getting my whole house plastered after a full rewire and was wondering how it’s best to dry out the plaster. The house currently doesn’t have the central heating working and as you guys may know it’s 4/5 degrees outside in daylight and lower at night. I’ve read...
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    Myson Velaire 90/110 Advice needed

    I just bought a house which I'm not moving into yet and the boiler is a Myson Velaire 90/110 Pressure Jet oil boiler. It still works fine but I reckon it's about 20-30 years old and will need to be changed in due course. I need to drain down the water for winter (can't have it running on low...
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    Central Heating in an empty property

    Hi hopefully someone can help me out with this I have a property which is up for sale but is currently vacant. I dont want to turn the heating off over winter as it isn't very inviting to walk into a stone cold house. It is a relatively new house (built 2011) so is fairly well insulated, the...
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    Winter wonderland conservatory ideas

    Hi, I'm after some conservatory related advice! We're just planning what to do with our new one as we don't want it to sit there unused all winter. We're thinking of turning ours into a winter wonderland and wondered if anyone had ever done anything similar? If possible we'd like to include...