1. alarmbenjy

    Repeated False Alarms (Wired System)

    System log:- 205) SET PRGRAM 21:35:57 206) ENTRY START 13:11:46 Zone 1 207) ENTRY TIMEOUT 13:12:15 Zone 1 208) INTRUDER 13:12:51 Zone 1 209) INTRUDER 13:13:05 Zone 1 210) INTRUDER 13:13:07 Zone 1 211) INTRUDER 13:14:21 Zone 1 212) INTRUDER 13:14:27 Zone 1 213) INTRUDER 13:14:34 Zone 1 214)...
  2. B

    Alarm Upgrade

    Hi All, I am considering updating my old Alarm system and had a few questions I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help with. My current alarm system is a wired system with PIRs, bell and front door contact. It has a main panel and a wired keypad. 1) In upgrading it, I was hoping I...
  3. D

    Wired CCTV in through Granite house

    Evening all I am looking to install a wired CCTV kit but an struggling to route the cables due to the build of our house. The external walls are granite and almost 2' thick so drilling a 30mm + hose would be a pita. I though of routing the wires through the loft out a vent but having been up...
  4. K

    Help Installing Nest Gen 3 with Vailant eco tech plus 637

    Hi Guys, I am a little cheesed off as I have already done in 1 boiler PCB board which I will have to order in. My Set up for the ground floor is: 1x Vailant 637 boiler which does my ground floor heating and hot water 1x Honey well programmer 1x Honey well Room stat. and my system is Zoned...