wooden flooring

  1. E

    Removing Paint from Pine Floorboards

    Hello, I'm hoping you can give me some advice on removing paint from pine floorboards. I would like to remove various splodges of paint from some old oiled pine floorboards. I have attached some example photos. What would be the best way to do this? Is there a cleaner you'd recommend? If I...
  2. H

    Best flooring over a wooden shed floor?

    Hello, I have a new wooden shed. I would appreciate any recommendations on what is best to lay over the wooden floor to protect it? It has a concrete paver base and sits on a wooden riser. This is a question for the interior floor. I was going to lay rubber flooring but thought that this will...
  3. janieJones123

    Found dip in subfloor after installing engineered flooring

    I have just finished installing a new floating, click together, engineered wooden floor in my first floor bedroom. I had been pretty diligent to prepare the room before hand, remove any raised nails, splats of plaster etc, and check for any dips in the subfloor. I didn't notice any. The...
  4. janieJones123

    Engineered wood floor underlay and carpet transition

    I am laying an engineered wooden floor in my first floor bedroom. Transition The hallway outside the bedroom is carpeted, and so was the bedroom. So there is a brass grip strip along the door threshold. What is the best way to replace this strip so that the carpet is kept tacked down, but...
  5. janieJones123

    Glue for laying floating engineered flooring

    I am going to be laying a floating, tongue and grooved engineered flooring in my bedroom. It's on the first floor and suspended timber subfloor. I was wondering what glue people would recommend for the T&G joints, or is any good weatherproof PVA glue sufficient? I would rather use something I...
  6. I

    Wooden floorboards shrunk

    We went on holiday for three and a half weeks and due to a thermostat error the heating was in full blast. Our oak floorboards have shrunk to cause a separation in the floor in many areas. Some gaps are a good 1.5cm and shows the floor below. Does anyone know how to restore the floorboards...
  7. V

    Wood flooring, Doubt on expansion gap

    Hi, Planning to lay engineered wood on living, dining and kitchen floor (Cambridge, UK). Most videos that I watched starts off with nailing the first and last planks or glue the entire floor to sub-floor leaving an expansion gap of ~15 mm. My doubt is if the fist and last planks are nailed or...
  8. W

    Restoring/sanding old floorboards

    Hi All Just moved to a new house and pulled back the carpet in the lounge to find the old floorboards (I assume pine?). They've been painted quite a thick dark green (see pic attached) and I would like to try and restore them back to their original wood and treat them. IMG_6133 by Will B...