1. R

    Wooden door naturally bent - need draft exclusion ideas

    Dear DIYNot members! Our front door has naturally (over five years) developed a bend at its bottom corner. I would like to put some draft excluder around that side, but I'm not 100% happy with the idea of only putting it along just the half of the door height (as the door won't close evenly)...
  2. M

    Rendering and insulating a wooden cabin / garden room

    I have a wooden cabin / garden room which is getting fairly old and I am thinking about extending its life by rendering the outside of it, insulating it and changing the wooden doors and windows to UPVC. Has anyone done this or does anyone have any advice?
  3. CrazeUK

    What type of flooring - Laminate / Engineered / Real wood

    Hi All. We are looking at re-doing the flooring over the next couple of weeks. Current We currently have a beige carpet which between crazy nephews and nieces that can't sit still with food and a cat that loves to pick at the carpet now needs to be changed after 4 years. What Hallway and Open...
  4. J

    Tiling on first floor wooden floor. What the best way?

    I have to start tiling my upstairs bathroom and got opposite opinion between sticking hardiebaker or using ditra matting before applying the floor tile. What your opinion on this and what would be the best reliable way? Thanks
  5. F

    Wood rot on outdoor window frame advice please!

    We recently found a large patch of wet rot on one of our outdoor frames, which has been looked at and we've been told the whole frame probably needs replacing because of where it is... so that's fine. We also found some smaller patches on our other window frames, of soft, flaky wood. These...
  6. S

    Building a Pergola advice please

    Hi - I'm building a wooden pergola using reclaimed round pillars. The pergola will go on a patio that has paving slabs. My question is - how is best to secure the pillars? Should I use the round brackets and drill/screw into the slabs? Shall I remove the slabs beneath the pillars and dig a small...
  7. DrWho

    Garden Fence Slat Movement?

    Had a wooden fence erected spaced slats using neighbours posts, a week later I notice one of the slats that was straight before but all of a sudden is squint and leans more towards the next slat, in other words there's no space at the bottom when there was previously, none of the others are like...
  8. C

    Narrowing exterior back door?

    Hi all, planning a new kitchen and wondering about narrowing the back door so as to fit larger units onto the adjacent wall. Current door is 2134 x 915mm, solid wood, framed in brick work. Its a big door for the size of the kitchen, would actually prefer it to be smaller so it swings out less...
  9. cwhaley

    Skirting Board Wedges (plugs)

    Hi all. I've spent the last 6 months of the 6 months I've owned our house doing repair work on previous bodges. Luckily I've learnt a lot from people trained in both the old and new ways. One thing I need to do this month is fit new architrave and skirting to the front room. I've got the timber...
  10. agulesin

    Raise hinges on porch door - can I use metchsticks?

    Hi everyone, Mum's (half-glazed, wooden) porch door has been dragging in the recent damp weather, so I think it needs raising. There's a largish (6-8mm?) gap at the top so I want to raise the door by about 5mm. What is the best way of achieving this? One "trick" I remember is to remove the...