1. F

    Can anyone help me work out what is happening here?

    Pics for reference https://www.diynot.com/diy/media/albums/paint-mismatch-any-ideas.26510/ Apprantly the builders used dulux trade supermatt, to which i have tried to use retail, dulux matt paint, colour wise they match perfectly, although my new matt paint is very rough in comparison, hence...
  2. R

    Double Light to Double Dimmer Switch - Problem

    Hi, I have messed up our living room double light switch a little bit whilst trying to fit a new double dimmer. Both lights are on the living room ceiling left and right from the door when coming in. Made the beginner mistake of not remembering how the wires were connected when I took the...
  3. C

    Wrong size cable.

    We have a contractor in work carrying out PAT work. He has failed an appliance which, whilst not strictly being portable in that you can carry it around, is connected via a BS1363 plug. His reason is that the 2.5mm 3 core cable is too large for this plug and the maximum diameter should be 1.5mm...
  4. A

    Used oil-based paint on an internal wall instead of emulsion

    Hi, a DIY novice here - as you will soon realize Due to circumstances that do not reflect well on me (inexperience, incompetence, general lack of concentration) I have painted the section of our bedroom above the picture rail not with simple emulsion but with oil-based satin internal and...
  5. eveares

    Purple as 3rd line/phase conductor!?

    This article here suggests that the colour of the 3rd line conductor in the EU (and thus also in the UK) is purple! :eek:o_O Is this a simple editing mistake :?: as I am hoping, or can purple wires really be used in place of grey wires for 3rd line/phase conductors to my horror? o_O:cautious...