1. Jake_1992


  2. P

    Zanussi frost free fridge freezer not working

    Help! My fridge freezer has stopped working. Compressor feels quite warm/hot. It was making a buzzing noise this morning, and I came home just now and it's actually warm inside the fridge. Like something has heated it. I've unplugged it. It's frost free, and no water in the tray advice the...
  3. A

    Zanussi ZDC8202P Condenser Dryer 'Tank' fault.

    Hi, I have a Zanussi ZDC8202P Lindo 300 Condenser Tumble Dryer that turns on OK, but when you press the 'Pause/Start' button, the machine beeps 3 times and the 'Pause/Start' light flashes red. It has done this previously, and after a good clean, has worked again. This time, however, that is not...
  4. farneyman

    Zanussi DW908W Power On-Off Switch Replacement

    Hi all, I've replaced a power switch on a Zanussi DW908W for someone I know, I'm certain I have it wired properly, I plugged the wires back in the same order I took them off, though the new switch is a little different than the old one-I've checked that power is coming to the switch, but it is...
  5. R

    Zanussi DWD 939 power button turns off abruptly

    Hi, My Zanussi DWD 939 dishwasher's power button turned off. If I push it back on forcefully then the machine works but as soon as I remove the finger, it turns off. Is this button issue or some sensor gone wrong? Thanks
  6. B

    Zanussi Dishwasher Draining Error

    Hi, I have a Zanussi Dishwasher ZDF2020 that is flashing an error on the led's. Manual says the drain is blocked. However, if I fill the washer with 2 kettles of water and reset/start a cycle the water is drained out as normal, 5 seconds of whoosh then reduces to a trickle. So the pump must be...
  7. E

    Zanussi Lindo300 ZDC8202P

    My condenser dryer isn’t working- when I press the start button it beeps 3 times and flashes continuous red and won’t start. It has done this intermittently in the past but then worked again but now it definitely seems to have given up the ghost. I have run the diagnostic test and it flashed red...
  8. J

    Zanussi Washer FT1093, replacing main universal motor.

    Hi all, I am looking for confirmation of control PCB and mechanical contactor switch(MCS) wires to a new motor which has a plastic connector with 6 spades including the two tacho wires. The old motor has 8 spades including two tacho (not a problem) and two loop wires. The loop connects the...
  9. M

    Zanussi Washer Dryer: no voltage to dryer heating elements

    Make: Zanussi Model: ZWT71401WA (variant 914606039) Symptom: Does not dry clothes: no power to heating elements Washes fine Initially fan was seized, which I freed up (I will probably need to replace this unit). The fan now turns on, a couple of minutes into the dry cycle. -...
  10. G

    Fridge Freezer Not Getting Cold Enough

    Hi, I have searched the forums but am struggling to diagnose the fault. This is a Zanussi 60/40 fridge freezer. I'm starting to think it's the compressor but before I go and spend the money on a new fridge, I wanted to get some advice on here. Originally we came back from holiday to find...
  11. C

    Zanussi zwf1021w interlock

    I've just bought a new interlock for an old zanussi aquacycle zwf1021w. The old one was black and had 3 separate male spade connectors. The new one, which does seem to be compatible according to the many spares suppliers and does fit, is cream and has three connectors close together that look as...
  12. C

    Zanussi zwf1021w door interlock

    hi guys, the door lock on my old zanussi aquacycle stopped working so I ordered a new one. Although it's fully compatible, the one that arrived is different and had a different wiring set up. The old one was black and had 3 spade connectors for fitting. The new one is cream and has 3 connectors...
  13. C

    Zanussi ZDF14001WA dishwasher stuck on 2hr Programme

    Hi, I have a Zanussi ZDF14001WA dishwasher that is stuck on the 2hr programme which starts as soon as the dishwasher is closed - this usually requires the start button to be pressed. Switching between programmes on the dial doesn't seem to do anything. Just wondering if there are any button...