Zanussi Washer Dryer: no voltage to dryer heating elements

27 Apr 2018
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United Kingdom
Make: Zanussi

Model: ZWT71401WA (variant 914606039)


  • Does not dry clothes: no power to heating elements
  • Washes fine

Initially fan was seized, which I freed up (I will probably need to replace this unit).

The fan now turns on, a couple of minutes into the dry cycle.

- thermostat probe (air) was open (I think it tripped because the fan had seized)

- so I replaced this part (now measures closed). I see 240v on both legs.

- also replaced thermostat probe (water) - I suspect it was ok anyway

- temperature regulator closed circuit. 240v on both legs

- thermostat is closed. however, both legs are at 0v (when powered during drying cycle)

- heating elements both measure ~70ohms, however I see 0v on the connectors (they are next downstream to the thermostat mentioned directly above)

- checked the inlet valves resistances: green 5.5ohms, 2 black both 3.78ohms (I don't think these are the issue anyway)

So after all of this diagnostics I’m still none the wiser as to why the dryer heating elements are not being powered. everything else works fine, ie the drum turns, the fan switches on, water is drained, and then pumped around the back of the drum, thermostats closed - just no heat...

could it be the controller board?

if anyone can help me it would be hugely appreciated! :)
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