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  1. R

    Bosch Washer Dryer Trips electrics

    Bosch clasixx 1200 washer dryer (model WAE24162UK/01). All the wash cycles I have tried (30, 40 easy care 30) trip the electrics about 7 or 8 minutes into the wash cycle regardless of the size of the load The drain cycles and spin cycles work just fine. So something is shorting out but what...
  2. G

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDAL 8640 all leds lit steady not flashing

    Finished a programme normally a few days back. Turned on. All leds lit steady. Totally unresponsive. Suspecting pcb motherboard but hoping something simple. Checked drain etc. Any advice deeply appreciated.
  3. kevhs79

    Hotpoint Error showing error code 30

    You Hi I have a Hotpoint WD71 the suspension legs had gone, on there failure the drum / motor hit the side of the washer and cut out, so i have replaced them {the legs!} on putting it back together and trying to test it, the washer fills with water then goes straight into a spin of which that...
  4. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P - Starts but then stops - Any ideas ?

    We are having problems with our Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P washer dryer. It will power on without any warning lights. We can select the programme, and start. It starts to fill with water and the drum starts turning. After a very short time it stops turning and nothing then happens at all...
  5. C

    Indesit washer dryer smelly

    Hi! I was wondering if someone knows what to do with an indesit washer dryer that is driving me nuts. The machine is in a small cupboard, and every time I open the cupboard door, my bedroom is inundated with a very strong "soapy" smell. It smells like soap scum. I've already ran about 7 cycles...
  6. T

    Safe to Plumb In My New Washer-Dryer? (Cold Water Connection Above Electrical Socket.)

    Hi. First post on this forum... I've just moved into the house I bought recently, and this morning purchased a washer-dryer to put in a space beneath the kitchen units which appears previously to have been used for a washing machine or the like. I know little about DIY, but it appeared...
  7. M

    Zanussi Washer Dryer: no voltage to dryer heating elements

    Make: Zanussi Model: ZWT71401WA (variant 914606039) Symptom: Does not dry clothes: no power to heating elements Washes fine Initially fan was seized, which I freed up (I will probably need to replace this unit). The fan now turns on, a couple of minutes into the dry cycle. -...
  8. L

    Which components are responsible for the power regulation circuit?

    Hello! I've got a problem with my washer dryer. Indesit WIDL 126. Sometimes, it doesn't turn as it should (it stops earlier) and then a relay clicks lots of times. This even happens durin spin cycle. On high spin you can hear that the motor suddendly doesn't get power (even the pump) and just a...
  9. G

    Bosch Washer dryer "Finish in" time

    I've just bought a Bosch washer dryer WVH28360GB. I can't figure out how to use the delayed start functionality correctly. Let's say it's 11pm and I want my program to finish at 7am, then I enter 8 in the "Finish in" function. Well unfortunately it's not so easy and the washer regularly starts...
  10. M

    Integrated washing machine

    Hi i've recently had to replace the washer dryer at home, the original was hardwired in to the wall, however the new washer dryer I have boughto, I have been advised if I cut the plug off it will invalidate the warranty therefore I have fitted a single socket plug. The washer dryer now sticks...
  11. Jase1985

    Persistent Hotpoint washer dryer leak on dry cycle only

    So. Here's what's going on... I can't get the washer dryer to stop leaking when on a drying cycle. Each wash cycle works perfectly, pumps out fine, no leaks, no hassle. Here's what I've tried... Removed lid, noticed that on drying cycle the washer fills from the hot water inlet, which is...