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    Zanussi Washer Dryer: no voltage to dryer heating elements

    Make: Zanussi Model: ZWT71401WA (variant 914606039) Symptom: Does not dry clothes: no power to heating elements Washes fine Initially fan was seized, which I freed up (I will probably need to replace this unit). The fan now turns on, a couple of minutes into the dry cycle. -...
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    Neff double oven won’t heat up after blown bulb

    Hi The bulb recently blew in my Neff U14M42N3GB/1 double oven. This has caused the main element, grill element and fan to stop working in the main oven. When you turn the temperature knob it clicks but the light does not come on. I have tested both elements and they are fine. Also the top...
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    Candy CDI 2012 dishwasher not heating

    Hi, My dishwasher was first not drying sometimes, sometimes also it started to beep after a wash cycle, then I saw it was not dry. Now it seems the water is not heating either. Sometimes however it does work. I've been investigating already a bit (also on a lot of DYI sites), thought I had...