zinsser 123

  1. S

    Dulux easycare emulsion over Zinsser 123?

    Hi all, quick question: I'm planning to paint a bathroom ceiling with Dulux's easycare bathroom emulsion paint. However, there's a bit of old staining that I want to cover with Zinsser bullseye 123 first. Do you know if these two products are compatible or not please? The ceiling is plaster, if...
  2. S

    Painting a mouldy ceiling?

    Hi all. I have a patch of mould on my bathroom ceiling that I want to get rid of and prevent coming back. However, there's a few things I'm not sure about. I'm planning on doing the following: 1.) Cleaning off the existing mould with an anti-mould spray 2.) Applying a stain sealer to stop any...
  3. F

    Painting satinwood over old gloss - losing my mind!

    Hi all! I am having an absolute headache trying to work out exactly how best to do this. I've spent hours researching and there seems to be so many conflicting comments out there. I wish to repaint all of the gloss in my house with a satinwood finish. There are several layers of paint on the...
  4. Macca Wacca

    Peeling Paint on Bathroom Ceiling - Is This The Correct Approach To Repaint?

    Hi there! I've recently managed to strip the majority of paint from a flaking and peeling bathroom ceiling that contained 2-3 paint layers in some areas. After stripping away the paint, I can see that the previous ‘painter’ painted over mould in some areas, however filler was added in areas to...