Basic home network advice please

25 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
Is it possible to get some advice on this please:
I have a Virgin Media hub in an airing cupboard upstairs. In a recent renovation, I ran single Cat 6 cables from the airing cupboard to three locations (Main bedroom, Kitchen and Lounge). My plan was to plug in all 3 Ethernet cables into the Virgin Media box and then use my existing Linksys Velop boxes (I have 3) plugged into the ports in the 3 rooms to give super wifi in the main user areas. I don't plan to plug anything other than the Linksys boxes into the ports. Any items in use in those rooms will just connect via wifi to the Linksys.

Regrettably, it seems that I can only connect one of the rooms via the cat 6 (currently the lounge and working really well). If I connect the other 2 Linksys boxes in the other rooms, then they still try to connect wirelessly with each other and it seems to degrade the whole thing.

In order to use all 3, do I need some sort of switch in the airing cupboard? I am a Network novice, so be gentle please.
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The velop connect to easy other to spread Wi-Fi signal , only one should be connected to router .
Velop appears to expect point to point connections rather than making use of an underlying ethernet network, this article explains more:

This unfortunately means the cabling you've got won't be that useful unless there's also a mesh node by your Virgin Router which you can use to feed a wired connection to a second node.

Mesh setups (usually) work fairly well unless you have an interference source or are covering too large an area so as above it may not be necessary, is it working well when you're connected to the node connected directly to the Virgin router?
Oh dear. I suppose running 2 x Cat 6 cables to each location would have been sensible! Yes, the Velop in the lounge (connected to VM by Cat 6) works well. The other 2 are showing Fair and Weak signals :unsure:
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The difficulty is the Velop is primarily designed as a router device that sits behind your existing router so you can enforce parental controls etc

It looks like it might work if you set them to bridging mode and use your existing VM router, the documentation is slightly ambigious but you could try it and see as there's nothing to lose: