Baxi 100 HE with intermittent ignition lockout

21 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom

I have a Baxi 100 HE which has developed an intermittent ignition lockout fault. It will lockout with a solid red light every 2 or 3 days.

I've tried (temporarilly) removing the earth from the condensate trap to see if that is the problem, but the ignition lockout is still occuring. As it happens, the condensate trap was replaced a few months ago anyway, and is one of the newer, higher ones.

I *think* the fault started after the pipes froze over the cold period. Certainly at some point the condensate drain pipe froze, and water backed up to the boiler and started dripping from the bottom. Since then I've re-routed the drain pipe to stop it from freezing again, but I'm pretty sure the intermittent lockout has started since then.

Any ideas what the next thing to try is?

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You shouldn't be removing the combustion cover.

Almost certainly a job for an rgi i'm afraid. We can't give out diy gas advice on the site. Call someone recomended or get a fixed price repair from baxi
had a similar problem with a biasi boiler,condense froze and water backed up and the electrode got damp,boiler was still trying to ignite with electrode sparking but not igniting,at first glance i thought it was the gas valve but after checking it i found it was working fine so i changed the electrode and it worked a treat,also you could try putting a hair dryer to the damp electrode to try dry it out this might keep it going for a while,hopefully this helps
Check this
The wire to the condensate trap is also connected to the sensor wire on combustion box cover. Check (closely) the insulation on this connector and its not shorting on the air box door panel.
Vibration causes the sensor probe to rattle about a bit, bend the connector not the probe to clear.
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DOsul, that was all back in January!

Dont you think that its already been sorted out by now?

Two dispariging replys, well thanks.
Posted in Jan, viewed and replyed in Oct, and the world hasnt stoped yet. But someone may read it and say thanks.

45 years of ? this fault happend and its solution is in my post. Fans can cause vibration, ionisation probes can move around in there insulators,get it.
Shut up or retire.
DOsul, your advice is totally incorrect and the remedy you gave is the sign of a bodger. Bending things around to effect a repair? I ask you?
Its not acceptable to give that sort of advice on the open forum. If you take the time to read the forum rules you would understand. I have not personally verbally attacked you so don't start. If you don't like criticism then abide by the rules.
Before posting yiu are expected to read the rules!

One is that you are not abusive to people!

Another is that you dont give DIY gas advice.

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