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  • Hello Mickyg
    I note your comment about Ariston boilers in an old thread (2011) - and I'm being pushed an Ariston by a heating engineer I'm currently dealing with. I need a system boiler, is your beef with Combis or the brand as a whole? I note Ariston and ATAG have the same parent company, and ATAG have quite a good reputation - what's your take on this please?
    Micky hi, I see you have a method of changing the diaphragm on an ikon 23t in situ . Could you possibly give me some info cheers.

    Read a comment you posted reference gloworm 24c condense trap workaround could you possibly e mail me the method as am having many of the problems that were posted. many thanks - kev - e mail is [email protected]
    Hi Mickyg,

    I'd be interested in looking at the job. I'm in Southgate 5mins from Palmers Green.


    Jimmy 07983332556
    hi mickyg, i think i`ve got a problem you can help me with, i got a gloworm 30c combi with a flame failure fault, you posted a note saying you got a quick fix for it (posted to steve back in january) i got identical problem, have changed flame failure sensor, cured fault for 2 weeks, then plumbing mate called round & said that the circuit board probably u/s. £180 for new one !!!!! saw your comment & thought same fault as mine, maybe not the board?? can you please tell me the fix so plumbing mate can repair. yours hopefully. rickc
    viessman 200 spark generator is the same as the baxi duotec but is over 3 times the price
    cheers micky seems be sorted , took out pcb and cleaned all connections thx for your info very knowledged you are . thx again steve
    Did you ever get those flare nut wrenches mate?
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