Boiler pressure loss

Update again engineer replaced AAV then condensate pipe started to leak! Fixed that. At the moment...4 hours with boiler running..with everything crossed... no leaks.Lets hope!
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Just had another look on the off chance and can see its dripping from anaconda pipe the feeds condensate trap and this drip goes on top of AAV which led me to believe it was that which was leaking.So why would this leak?
Boiler fired up this morning but half cup of water had leaked into a bowl i,ve put underneath it.It seems it only leaks when boiler fires up,did notice water dripping onto newly fitted AAV from the grey flexible pipe above it(condensate pipe?).This was removed to gain access to AAV.If this pipe or anything above it that it is connected to leaks would it depressurise the boiler and give the symptoms I,m experiencing?Really clutching at straws now,it,s been 3 weeks,several hundred pounds and still got a leak!!,Close to ripping it out and having a new one put in.
Is your condensate drain line or trap clear, if it's blocked and the condensate hi sensor has also failed (if there is one), then on start-up when lots of condensate is produced the boiler should trip out.
Cant see whether line or trap is clear at the moment..I,ve reassembled covers etc..but I,ll check tomorrow.Once boiler fires up,either by recharging via loop or as it did this morning unaided it will run faultlessly,giving heat and hot water,all day.
Just raised room thermostat from 22°to23.5° "her indoors feels the cold!"and boiler leaked half eggcup of water,don,t know where from as covers are in place.Any thoughts
Got in touch with Alpha Innovations this morning..waste of space..all they wanted to do was sell me,at grossly inflated prics,boiler repairs and servicing.Got engineer coming tomorrow to fit new condensate pipe,boiler now behaving correctly apart from this leak.Fingers and all other digits crossed!
Engineer came this morning took off condensate pipe that runs into top of condensate trap found split in it where it bends at 90° Replaced with new pipe (costing £18!!) new O ring(free!) Time will tell when it fires up from cold,as this was the only time I saw it dripping.Apart from this boiler not losing pressure overnight and fires up ok in the mornings.

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