Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - not running full programme

19 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi - our dishwasher which is about 7 years old and has never given us a problem before now seems to be a bit confused. When switched on the programme timer reads 199 minutes on the display for the Eco setting and although it will run through the programme it gets to 1 minute remaining and then just stays on 1 minute and won't end the cycle. It's not cleaning dishes properly which we suspect is something to do with whatever controls the amount of water the machine takes in. I've checked and cleaned all internal spray arms, the sump and the inlet and outlet hoses and all float valves and micro-switches seem to be ok. Both the main circulation and outlet pumps seem to be working ok. I've replaced one of the two solenoid valves which sit below the water reservoir as the original seemed to have a small burn mark indicating that it might have failed - but I did not know how to test it and for the sake of 18 quid it seemed worth a punt to just replace it. But if it was faulty putting in the new valve has not solved the problem. Could a faulty valve result in the electronic programmer getting messed up ? Yesterday I removed both trays and all the filters, spray arms and other circulation fittings in the main chamber and then ran the machine empty. The timer started at 172 minutes and then it seemed to take in a lot more water than it has been doing since the problem first arose and then it continued through a full wash cycle with no apparent problem and the timer even finished at zero. I thought that I had fixed it - but today I re-installed all the filters and spray arms etc and loaded the machine with plates and other stuff and although the programme commenced with 172 minutes on the timer the machine reverted to it's confused state and ended up showing 1 minute on the timer and the load clearly had not washed properly. The programmer has now gone back to showing 199 minutes when first switched on. Anyone any idea whats going on ? It's a good machine and I really don't want to scrap it if it can be fixed.
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The metering tank to sump hose will be blocked (if you're lucky it won't have blocked the rest).
Thanks Sleepyhead - if only it were that simple. I paid 50 quid for some 'expert' in German Appliances to call in. Despite the evidence of a possible fault with the solenoid valve he headed straight for the hose between the metering tank and the sump. Yes it did have some grot in it but not enough to block it. He cleaned this out and then said 'try that' and promptly relieved me of the cash before heading for the door. Needless to say he wasn't going to hang around to find out whether this was the cause and of course it made no diffence whatsoever. I've just found some postings on this forum suggesting that failure to take on board sufficient water might be a problem with the 'Impellor Jug' which I gather is a flow sensor on the water inlet at the back of the machine which regulates the water inlet by sending signals to the 'brain'. I gather it might be some sort of solenoid but with an impellor which measures the water flow and tells the brain when to cut off the supply. I've just pulled it out - but of course there's no way of knowing whether it's working properly or not. Decision - do I throw another 25 quid at this and buy a new unit ? Any further thoughts welcome !
I have just the same problem. Have you been able to resolve the problem yet? I just noticed that if I add manually some water for last rinse the program will go happily to end.
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Hi Ari - sounds like the same problem but after a rather drawn out process of trial and error buying and installing a few components on the water inlet side and sending the main electronic control board away to be 'repaired' (which was a waste of time) I eventually gave up and dismantled the machine. (Anyone want some spares so I can re-coup some of the 150 quid I spent ?) Rather than go out and buy a new dishwasher however I found a very similar second-hand Bosch on Gumtree for 50 quid and got that. Wish I'd done that from the start and not bothered attempting to solve the problem. I'd suggest that you do the same - but maybe after checking out the more obvious water inlet and outlet pipes, pump, filters etc. I came to the conclusion that the problem must have been with the main control board although there was no obvious sign of component failure. But it would have cost another 150 quid for a new control board so I gave up.
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Caulkehead thanks you for your answer. It was pity to hear that you could not find any solution to this problem. I just check how much a new, similar dishwasher cost and it was around 1K Euros. Hopefully I can find as well a second hand washer. But thanks once again.
Hi Ari - sorry that I could not have been of more help. Our Bosch dishwasher cost over 600 Euros when new - seven years ago. I was happy to spend that at the time for what I hoped, when buying the Bosch brand, was a machine built to last - hopefully ten years or more. (We had a Bendix washing machine that was 25 years old before it finally gave up and we still have a Philips fridge-freezer which is 28 years old and still going strong.) Unfortunately when it comes to electrical components Bosch seem to be as vulnerable as anyone else to an electrical component failure but the cost of a replacement control board (plus engineers charges) is too high when compared to the price of the machine - and dishwashers are incredibly complicated as I found out. Built in obsolescence ?
Had pretty much the same symptoms with my own Bosch Logixx a while ago. After repeated investigations I solved the problem by leaving it out by the front gate. Magically it had disappeared in a couple of hours. I like to think it's now on its way to China to make a box of new screws.

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