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  • Hi Sleepyhead - I have a Communication problem just replaced motor and back board any suggestions on how to get these 2 boards communicating would be gratefully apprciated.
    Hi Sleepyhead,
    Seems your the man ( and hero ) to sort out or suggest the way forward with dishwasher problems!!

    I too have an Ikea Whirlpool DWH B10 - this has just started giving a stubborn intermittant bleeping without cycle progress, the start button light then flashes 4 times.

    The other blogs seem to suggest it may be a blocked drainage pipe?

    I would very much appreciate your comments



    I have a Smeg DWG614SS dish washer. The appliance will not start. When you power up a number of lights come on at the same time and if you press start nothing happens. Also you cannot select a program to run....Help
    hi sleepyhead, reading one of your posts, about the whirlpool dishwasher door, my sister in laws custom fit panel has fallen off, i could see that the plastic lugs come brackets were all chewed up on the back, so i have purchased two new brackets, however i cannot get the damm door to stay on, i think i am missing soemthing basic here, any help would be appreciated, dave in norfolk
    Hi - Sleepyhead... I now the feeling. I am impressed by both your kowledge and helpfulness. I have a SMEg DWD612Css dishwasher that has the drain pump running constantly. I cannot find any on-line manual for trouble shooting. Can you advice.
    I am guessing that the drain pump is receiving an eroneous signal and that is is most likely from a sensor of some kind in the sump - but have no clue waht anything looks like. Help!
    Sorry this is the first time on this site and every post I read you are on it so I thought I would write you personally. I have a diplomat adp8342. I get three red lights going from left to right and 10 beeps it is the 1st, 2nd and third buttons. I have checked to see if there is any water in the bottom and no there is not. I have reset it by holding the program switch and even if i pick the rinse cycle once i close the door the three lights go off. It seams like the drain pump is runing and when i open the door everything is bone dry. thanks for your help.
    Hi Sleepyhead. You helped me out three years ago. I have a new problem. Are you still around?
    Hi pal my diplomat ADT8322 keeps flashing and bleeping can you help by any chance already read about cleaning the filter but no good please help a woman in distress
    hi sleepy u seem to be a bit of an expert on washers so here goes haha. i have a whirlpool awz 410 stopped spinning, belt stil on after taking back off machine, very tight and looks fine, is there any other reason why the washer would just stop spinning? thanks in advance for your help . Katie
    any help would be greatful, i have whirlpool adp7966 and now have fault light flashing 2secs on and 2secs off constantly, cleaned filters and then defeated the mech lock on door poured kettle of hot water into filters and emptied fine just a little run on time from pump but nothing really, fault code still flashing, cheers in advance Andy.
    Hi Sleepyhead, was wondering if you could help me. I have a problem with a Smeg DWI612c; the error code is not in the book. Lights 1, 2 & 3 are lit and 5 is flashing. Will resetting work in this instance, or do I need to call out an engineer?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the resetting info on a previous forum, but would be very appreciative for more help.
    Hi Sleepyhead, I saw a post some time ago where you appeared to have fault codes for an Indesit WIXXL146 washing machine, unfortunately either of the codes you gave at that time apply to my present circumstsnces.

    I used to be a TV tech, my WIXXL146 has just stopped working with lights 1 (delay) and 2 (mini load) flashing. I am hoping you can shine some light on the possible cause.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for taking time to post on forums to help others.

    Hi wondered if you could help, We have a hoover CA230 1300 washing machine. It has stopped spinning at the end of the wash! the drum rotates it carries out all other functions except fast drum spin. Any ideas or things i could try.
    Hello Sleepyhead! This is my first time on this forum, so I hope you won't think it too cheeky of me to ask you for a bit of advice directly, as you seem to be the expert! It would be much appreciated as I'm under a wife-induced deadline to fix a broken dishwasher quickly or buy a new one. I've posted this in the appliance forum....
    Hello - I would be very grateful for advice on a problem with my Bosch dishwasher, model SPS2462GB/19.
    It fills and drains ok, but no water is coming out of the 2 rotating arms and the water in the bottom of the dishwasher is not being heated up. The timer seems to be operating in as much as it turns around at the normal rate (as far as I can tell), and the machine fills and drains at various points. The detergent block gets released from the holder. This was a sudden failure.
    I am not averse to taking the machine to bits to try and fix it, there's not much to lose at this stage, given its age - the machine is 10 years old.
    Many thanks!
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