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  • Hi Sleepy Head. Have read all your posts and you are obviously the man to ask about flashing lights on whirlpool dishwashers. My dwh b10(ikea) is flashing twice then pausing. It is also making a very strange clicking noise around the door handle. The cycle will start and I can clear the problem by switching off at the mains and selecting another programme but it just keeps happening. Detergent is never fired so have a feeling a switch is failing for this (?) If you can help it would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance....
    Hi Sleepy head, I have read all your posts concerning adg7540 dishwasher but I cannot find the fault codes. Do you have a list of these? Mine flashes 3 times and I can't figure out what the fault is. Sometimes it works and mostly it doesn't. Rinse cycle always works and it drains, heats, releases the tablet during washes. I have replaced the NTC and this hasn't made a difference. If you could tell me the code meaning I am competant enough to carry out repairs. Thanks in advance
    Dear Sleepyhead,
    I just saw in your prewious chats, that you have the error list of the Indesit WD12 washer/drier.

    Could you please send it to me.
    I have many problems with my machine and noone can help. The code is 4 or 5 flashes. I replaced all the parts I had as spare from a WD03 disessembled machine, but it still have this error and nithing happens. Could you please help in this problem.
    Thank you!

    Zoltan from Hungary
    Many thanks for your comments on how to check the impeller inlet on a Bosch dishwasher. Two lemon pips nearly cost me a hundred quid! You're a star.
    hiya bud, you seem to knowwhat you are on about - my indesit clicks around and flashes twice. i wondered if you would be so kind as to let me know the error.

    my e-mail is msjones"glam.ac.uk.



    P.S. don't leave it too long as i'm getting smelly now
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