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  • hi sleepyhead, i hope you can help me i have a diplomat adp 8322 when i shut the door to start it, all i get is 6 flashes inbetween pauses and lots of beeping! any help would be much appriciated. thanks. [email protected]
    Hi Sleepyhead! :eek:) I'm new to this, you seem to be the person in the know, I was hoping you could help me please, I'm no washing machine expert at all, I have a Indesit WM12x, When you select a program & press start you can hear the watter going in & filling up as it should, but when its meant to spin you can hear a click like it should engage but it doesn't spin at all, on any setting, even on the spin only one.
    Any ideas?
    Your advise is greatly appriciated.

    [email protected]
    I have a same problem with Smeg diswasher - I have tried the reset process and once I get to the two fashing lights ie 1 and 5 and I press the programme button, number 1 becomes solid and 5 continues to flash regardless of whether I turn on off for 20secs - do you think the PCB is faulted?
    Thank you
    Hi - can you tell me if there's anything else i can do in this case please? Smeg dishwasher DF6125DX with error code E6 that occurs fairly shortly into any programme. Checked inside, pulled up filter basket and metal plate, unscrewed anything i could see,but could not investigate very far. White plastic moulding was unmovable. Have checked extract hose and water flows from it, no kinks or anything.
    Do you think there is anything else i can check myself?
    Thanks v much for any advice
    Hi sleepyhead seems your in the know re smeg dishwashers andi am in desperate need of help i have an integrated smeg dishwasher model number DW1 409c and it keeps stopping mid cycle. I have had a repair man out several times but all he seems to do is reset it and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to reset it myself?!?!

    It starts the cycle as normal and then after 5 mins there is a long beep and it just gets stuck there when i open the door the far left red light is flashing and the far right red light is lit but not flashing. I have tried lots of things but cannot seem to reset it.

    Please, please help. Thank you
    Hi Sleepyhead, you seem to be the one to know when it comes to Diplomat dishwashers! I have an ADP 8322 and it has started to make a terrible rhythmic clunking noise. Sounds like it could be a pump (?) to me, but I really have no idea. Do you reckon it can be fixed - by a complete novice, like me! Many thanks in advance.
    Could you please give me some advice about my whirlpool ADG 332 S AV. It is not working at all. The start button light is flashing 4 times, & the 'rinse' light is on. It won't let me select normal wash. However I turned the selecter to normal wash & held in the start button for about 5 seconds, then the normal was light stayed on, but still nothing happened. Any ideas please? I would be very grateful.
    Hello Sleepyhead
    Wonder if you could help please ?
    Integrated dishwasher Whirlpool ADG7540.
    Stops early in a cycle with a continuous beeping sound. Prewash light is lit permamanently and the start light is flashing 8 times.
    Do you have any idea what the problem might be ?
    Thanks very much
    Hi Sleepyhead,
    You're the one in the NO re; dishwashers. Can you tell me if fault F1 on diplomat adp8332 can EASILY be diy repaired? any help will be appreciated Thanks. Steve an Deb
    Hi Sleepyhead, many thanks for your comments on the Smeg Dishwasher. We tried re-setting ours and it worked! Especially pleased as we realised our extended warranty had run out. You've saved us quite a few quid... Thanks again, Eva & Victor
    Hi sleephead,
    You are evidently the bod to ask about dishwasher light problems. I have a smeg DWI409C dishwasher. The light furthest to the right is flashing and when I shut the door it just been but nohting further happens. I have tried reloading the washer and turning the power switch off and on but no luck - can you help at allll thanks v! liz x
    Hi Sleepy, i have a whirlpool G2PDWI/1WH dishwasher and it is filling then stopping with a fault code of 4 flashes. can i repair this
    Thank you sleepy. I have just read one of your replies and managed to sort out my dishwasher, the "DEMO" code on the hotpoint dishwasher
    great help sleepy read your comments and problem with my diplomat adp8322 seem solved many thanks glad i found this site its in my favourites!
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