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Brick outhouse advice

Discussion in 'Building' started by Sam., 25 May 2021.

  1. Sam.


    24 May 2021
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    United Kingdom
    This looked like the best part of the forum for this. Thanks in advance.

    We were looking to turn our old brick shed into a summer room, keeping the budget down and creating a nice space for the summer months. Things have changed and it now also needs to act as an office space for my wife. So the need for it to be a comfortable temperature and damp free year round - having said that, it is still a small space and we would like to keep the build as simple as possible.

    Brief plan is the roof will be replaced, insulated and maybe a couple of small roof lights fitted. French doors fitted. Internal walls insulated and clad over with reclaimed pallet wood or something along those lines but conscious not to eat into the space too much. Small electric heater for the colder months. The right hand side will remain a shed for storage.

    But the floor is my first problem. I'd like to use reclaimed scaffold boards as flooring. Taken inspiration from here - https://www.theenglishwoodworker.com/workshop-floor-scaffold-boards/

    Do you think I could achieve similar by removing the brick floor, digging down x amount and sitting a frame/joists on dpm strips/slate, filling between joists with the product they used ^ or an alternative (gravel/hardcore on the cheap?), a layer of weed fabric over the frame to deter bugs/ants and board on top. In theory keeping everything breathable?

    Or bite the bullet, remove the bricks and pour an insulated concrete base?

    DSC_3170_copy_4140x3108.jpg DSC_3168_copy_3108x4140.jpg DSC_3166_copy_3108x4140.jpg DSC_3165_copy_3108x4140.jpg DSC_3146_copy_3108x4140.jpg DSC_3167_copy_3108x4140.jpg DSC_3142_copy_3108x4140.jpg
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  3. motorbiking


    31 May 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Maybe a celotex “floating” floor to insulate and leave the bricks as is ?

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