broken temperature gauge on opel corsa

16 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
recently i purchased an opel corsa and have since noticed that the temperature gauge is not functioning. i was wondering if any of you could shed any light on what the problem might be and how i could have it fixed.

thanks, B.F
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you'd think not having the Vauxhall badge might make them better somehow . . . . obviously not. :LOL:
Find the wire that goes to the guage under the bonnet (should be a single pin sender switch somewhere on the head or the thermostat housing sort of are) and earth it out onto something. turn on ignition and check the guage goes right up.
If it does, the sender is screwed. If not then it's wiring or guage.
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The sensor is a one plug one on the thermostat housing
If it is not working then you csn replace the gauge