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    Where abouts are you in yorkshire? if you need any advice, or need a plasterer then give me a shout. I would advise you add more time for ripping it all out though, as it can be very decieveing.

    Marsden Plastering Services
    hi Steve, I saw your post from some time back about your shower pull switch.We just replaced ours, old one had sl burnt wire.But the neon is now on continuously. We noticed you said yours was wired backwards, is it okay to leave like this? We wired it identically to previous switch (where neon came on with switch or off as required) but now wonder if new switch had feeds opposite way. Just really worried in case it's not safe. Shower does seem to respond to pull switch (irrespective of light) and working okay again now. Sorry for all the questions, but is the burnt wire from the old one anything that should be properly investigated, does it happen for another reason?? Cheers
    Hi Steve

    Using IP networks to send alarms to a central monitoring station does work but it has to be done properly, You have already mentioned the major problem which is lossof connection when an alarm has to be sent, There are ways to combat such as regular "All is OK" messages and alert when these stop arriving from a location, or self resetting routers.

    The big decision is then what to do on loss of connection, does one send staff to investigate or assume the risk of an alarm occuring during the loss of connection issmall enough to ignore.


    Thanks Steve.The shed light has a switched fused 5 amp lighting supply that runs from the 13 amp supply spur. I will see if you can still purchase a similar product from electrical suppliers for the garage.
    Steve. I didnt mean to sound like i was disregarding your advice. as you know i am grateful for it. I only asked as i looked at my CU and realised the hob and shower were on the same MCB. didnt know how this would affect what you had suggested hence me asking.
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