Climapro2 working intermittently.

16 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom

I've just installed a Climapro2 to a Glow-worm Flexicom 30cx boiler. The thing works for a couple of hours and then the red led lights up on the wireless receiver and the controller shows 'communication error'. If I turn the receiver off and on again, the controller regains connection and works again. This cycle has been like this since install for about a week. It appears that something 'upsets' the connectivity for a split second, randomly, to bring the climapro2 to a halt. I just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences and can help. Quirks to the CH system/boiler are:

It has an analogue timer, which I have not disconnected just left in 'ON' state (if I disconnect from PCB the CH cannot be turned on).
The 24v supply near the EBUS connection only measures about 19.5 volts.
There is a wireless energy usage display connected to the gas and electric supply (I read somewhere that this can disrupt this type of thermostat).

I've tried everything obvious but still having problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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When I have had this problem with other types of RF thermostat, I have found changing the frequency settings helps, but I don't think the Climapro has this function, although you could try pairing the thermostat and receiver manually through the menu settings.

Is the distance between the two units within the manufacturers specification? There is a 'test' facility to check the signal strength between the units, are you getting a strong signal?

Have you used good quality batteries in the thermostat? Rechargeables sometimes cause problems. Although if it's new I imagine you will be using the batteries that came with it.

The 24v being only 19v could be a problem, but only the manufacturer can confirm if the unit will operate properly at as low as 19v. If the instructions don't state a working voltage range, is there a helpline number? 5v difference isn't much per se, but as a percentage it's 20% out. Are the screw terminal connections to the boiler good, without the insulation trapped underneath?

You could always de-energise the wireless energy display for a day or two and see it it works OK then.
Thanks stem.

Most of your points all check out. I'll try taking the wireless energy display off-line and see what happens.
Just checked the voltage again. The 24v supply varies from 19v to 23v. Drops to 19v when boiler kicks in. Is this normal?
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Sorry, no idea. You will have to check with the manufacturer on that one, only they can tell you the operating voltage of their product.
Did this fault ever get resolved?
Replaced my original climapro RF on my Flexicom 24HX boiler with a climapro2 works OK for short time then comes up with comms error and needs to be reset.
My Glow-Worm CX24 was installed in 2016, it's always worked, no issues up until 2 month's ago,suddenly the handset (climapro2)occasionally loses connectivity with the receiver (red-lightonreceiver),as mentioned previously.
Did anyone find a solution to this problem please.
My Glow-Worm CX24 was installed in 2016, it's always worked, no issues up until 2 month's ago,suddenly the handset (climapro2)occasionally loses connectivity with the receiver (red-lightonreceiver),as mentioned previously.
Did anyone find a solution to this problem please.
Mine almost exactly the same….installed 9 years ago just started getting disconnected last couple of months. Can reset rf connection. But it’s happening every few days.
Hi Sam,
Just an update regarding our ongoing issue.
I recently purchase a brand new ClimaPro 2 handset and receiver (which I wired and installed myself), thinking that's where the issue was, unfortunately after 2 days without issues same problem reocurred ie red light on receiver and error message on handset.
Contacting Glow-worm,explaining the issue a few months ago ,who were useless unfortunately.
Please keep me updated if you do manage to resolve the issue as I think it's certainly a PCB fault .
Annoying. Sorry you had to shell out for a new climapro
I returned the handset and receiver for a full refund as the issue represented itself after only 2 days using the new device.
Have you found a solution to the problem ?
Problem definately isn't with the handset or reciever.I changed 2 sets of new batteries before deciding to purchase new handset and receiver.
Good luck.
Hi Sam
Just an update, I out swapped the PCB last Friday (purchased a refurbished PCB).
Issue resolved.
I removed and reattached the power board that easily slots in and out. Tightened it all up and no issues for a week.

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