Coronavirus: 'Switch from building cars to ventilators' - but who needs manufacturing?

1 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
This Virus just keeps on exposing the BS. It does have a silver lining.

The government has urged manufactures such as car companies to start making ventilators to deal with the worsening coronavirus crisis.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC engineering firms should consider switching some manufacturing to help ramp production of the vital equipment.

He accepted it was the kind of policy normally reserved for times of war.


From a Government that won the election on Brexit on the work of Minford who said - we should run down our manufactring sector.

Patrick Minford was once described as “Margaret Thatcher’s favourite Economist”. A few years ago he acknowledged that his ideas would “mostly eliminate manufacturing”. “Britain is good at putting on a suit” he said.

The cost of a BMW or the price tag of an imported fridge would suddenly drop
and our resources would shift from manufacturing to services — raising
living standards for all of us.
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I'm not so sure that I would want a ventilator keeping me alive had it been built by a load of inexperienced car manufacturers.
We just had a pallet of boilers delivered

They are made in Verona Italy

AFAIK Italian factory's are still working?
The Chinese are going to make a lot and I do mean a lot of ventilators. They are thinking of covid 20,21 and ............................ but covid 19 will be about on the planet for some time. Not sure how it's progressing but they are also building a railroad to get product to the middle of europe as fast as possible. Perhaps gov can ask them to speed it up and do HS2 as well while they are at it.

It took Beaverbrook to unblock aircraft production during ww2 and get it going. Just asking companies to start making them didn't work that well. ;) Maybe Sugar could help get them making ventilators. It needs some one that wont take no for an answer and doesn't like excuses. The gov shouldn't ask they should instruct. We are in a different sort of war now.
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