Cost Severly of cutting back a large cherry tree & insurance question

5 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi this is at the bottom of our garden have 2 questions .

1. How much roughly do people think we are paying to get this done bearing in mind there is a very rotten old shed that is the neighbours straight below it and its leaning their way . Which leads nicely onto the next question .

2. As a general rule where do you stand from insurance purposes if a large tree that is on your property but has grown over next door as well falls or part of the tree falls on top of there shed or does any damage. Does your home insurance cover this type of damage.



Take no notice of where it says branch on the photo as its where we have had a piece chopped off.


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24 Aug 2010
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United Kingdom
Fast_Muchly, good evening.

As for your Question 2.?

As a rule, you can only make an Insurance for something which in some way is damaged BUT? you MUST own that which you are making a claim for.

If something [say] falls off your property and damages an other persons "property" you cannot make a claim BUT?? the "injured party" can make a claim against your home Insurance.

Each home Insurer will have differing ways of responding to a claim made by a [so called] third party who makes a claim on your Policy, some will instantly accept such a claim, some will dig in their heels and prevaricate, for ever.

Possibly of interest is, I do a lot of so called, "Third Party Impact Damage Claims" where a vehicle of some sort, be it a Bus, a Lorry, a private car, runs out of control and hits [say] a fence, wall, property, whatever, the owner of the damaged property can and does make a claim on the vehicles Insurer.Upshot is that your neighbour "should" be able to make a claim if the branch falls off in a storm.

But, twist in the tail, if you appoint a tree surgeon to remove the tree, and a branch falls and demolishes the hut, the Tree Surgeon will have to be pursued for damages,not your home Insurer, hence the [most important bit] the tree surgeon MUST be FULLY INSURED !!! for such work.

If you or anyone has read this far, TOP TIP if a vehicle of any sort damages your "property" no matter which part of the property get the Vehicle Insurance Details and make a claim against the drivers Insurance, Why?? you will avoid loosing your home Insurance No Claims Discount and avoid forking out your Excess which applies to all policies.

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