Driving External Speakers from a TV

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LOL... thanks Chris.
But would they really be any worse than the small built-in Sony TV speakers? (it's only a 22" TV)
It depends on the sound bar really. There's some gear on sale that begs the question "Why bother?" lol
Anyway, if you absolutely must have auto off then the soundbar might be your only answer. Personally I think the thin ones with no subwoofer are a bit of a waste of time. The speakers are too small to produce any midrange or bass. As chief engineer Montgomery Scott said to a certain Captain Kirk "Ye cannae change the laws of physics" :mrgreen:

I agree, mine has the "sub". But for this application the ones without might be worth it. Then again it could sit by or under the tv.
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Does anyone know anything about those socket arrays that have a Master socket, and Slave sockets?
The Masterplug 'Intelligent Energy Saving Surge Protected Power Adaptor' works in the way you describe. I've used one for 2+ years with the PC to power off peripherals when the PC is switched off.

The slave sockets also power off when the PC goes into sleep mode so the device switches the slave sockets when power drawn by the master socket reaches a threshold wattage, albeit very low.
Thanks Chris, thanks Alarm, thanks Dogfonos.
I am now 'weighing up' my options.
I think your going over the top with any auto system. We bought an auto unit to go with our TV in the living room and we find although the volume is no higher the sound caries more so at night we only use TV's own speakers.

So you need some small cheap speakers otherwise the sound will travel and that's what you want to stop.

There are many cheap speakers designed to plug into personal music players I have a set same size as a cassette which I use think they came from poundland.

My TV is 10W output and clearly if I was to use the cheap speakers and turn up the volume they would burn out. Likely you will need an extension cable for them.

These from Curry's will likely be ample. Buying expensive ones will likely make it worse not better as far as sound travelling.
So you need some small cheap speakers otherwise the sound will travel and that's what you want to stop.
Which ties in with my own suggestion for cheap "computer speakers" from a local shop.
Get small ones and place close to the listening position.
Thanks guys,

But I am not sure if I made myself clear earlier on...

I am attempting to get the some speakers very close by, then I only need a low volume setting. (See my original post)
Thanks Alarm... you are making me feel like I am getting a bit too fussy!

The two of us (me and better half) sat up in bed with headphones on seems a bit odd? How do we use the 'sleep' function without ending up very uncomfortable? LOL
Perhaps the easy solution is to dismantle the TV, check the speaker impedance, disconnect and replace with wires going to external speakers in bridge above bed instead?

Are these likely to be an odd or standard resistance?
Perhaps the easy solution is to dismantle the TV

No, the easy solution is to buy a pair of small computer speakers. These will come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that plugs into the TV's own headphone socket. They will have a volume control that at least one of you can reach, since the speakers are close to the bed. They will have an on/off switch.

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