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9 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Posted this on the electrical board and it was pointed out that it was more of a plumbing issue> Ideas anyone?

Hi Everyone,

I have an apartment, which has economy 7 storage heater and water heating via a storage tank(with combined header tank) and immersion heaters. My problem surrounds the water heater the water supplied from the tank is very low in pressure (i suspect fro a build up of limescale) also it is very rare that I need to heat a full tank of water as water for bathing is via an electric shower.

Given the low pressure of water supplied and the age of the tank, and the possibility it may need to be replaced(it seem this may be costly) soon does anyone know of a more modern cost effective way of supplying wate to the kitchen sink and also bathroom sink.I have seen on ebay undersink water heaters eg EW10 Redring 10L Unvented Water Storage Heater. for instance would such a system be more effective.

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Do you have a gas supply? The best and most economical way of heating water only for you would be a multipoint gas water heater. This is a small gas boiler, that feeds all your hot taps. The main advantages are, much more econmoical than electric, no stored water (only pay for what you use), and the water is supplied at mains pressure. You will also obviously need somewhere you can mount it so that you have a flue through the wall.


If you intend getting gas c.h. in the near future, because storage heaters are rubbish, you could get a combi and just use the water heating side for now. When you come to rip out the storage heaters, and after a winter like this you will want to, you can then connect new rads to the combi.

Sadly there is no gas supply to this development. It is such a shame that developers are so short sighted re heating etc. Guess it makes money for them.
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Hope someone else on here can suggest something better to replace your Fortic.

If you had access to a loft, you could have an economy7 immersion cylinder in your flat with cold water storage tank in loft to feed it. More head of water = better flow/pressure.

Afraid you may be condemned to low pressure hot water for all eternity otherwise!

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