ferroli 901 optima fan not running on full speed

25 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just replaced the ch press relief valve on my Ferroli 901 optima. refilled system, switched on central heating to perminent and the fan will not run on full speed, checked the pcb fan relay is swiching over to full but no voltage to fan, i suspect board fault, is there any thing that i could have missed. it seems a bit strange that the board decides to go down at the same time when changing a valve.
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i would just like to add the pump is running fine the board is not reporting any faults via the LEDS! its doing my head in bloody italian boilers!
i have just check it again switched ch on and noticed the fan relay buzzing its head off, i also searched the previous questions and come accross a previous prob with a ferroli 701 i thnk vestnpants replaced the board and it done the trick!
this happens a lot on the 701. the relay usually turns to a melted mess if left long enough.

from my experience you are probably right with the pcb being at fault.

buy another boiler instead of a pcb though :LOL:
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i stripped out the PCB and inspected the fan relay more closely, and removed top cover. the contacts are as blackend and charred as a drunken fry up. cleaned contacts and repositioned backed off contact, refitted board and nothing! no fan waggled relay and fan cut in :LOL: so therefore its got to be the board!
Don't dare buy another boiler, them things are bulletproof. I fitted its predecessor a 77f for my sister in 1993 and never touched a thing until last year when it needed the PV pumping up and a new PRV because the old one had leaked for the last 7 years. Yes they are partial to the odd pcb and there are a few common faults but once you fix them they generally stay fixed for a long time. You can't say that for modern ones which only have a design lifespan of 8 years.
BTW that fix usually gets you about 3 weeks. It'll be the VMF7 board and the relay is top right. I wish I get get hold of some of those shrack relays I have loads of old boards kicking around
bulletproof my arse. i have the misfortune to have several on my patch, bloody awful things.
15 years ago in Brum they were every third boiler installed!

They had a reputation for fit and forget.


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