Flooded cellar

22 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Cellar flooded last week to ankle height but no heavy rainfall, water level remained static. Water was pumped out and within minutes water started to seep back in my the highest side of the cellar, neighbouring party wall (terraced house is built on a slope). Couldn't see any specific entry point on floor or wall etc but from the whole of one side of the cellar water stated to puddle up then run down to the lowest part of the cellar. Checked after a couple of hours and cellar looked as it did before the pumping began as cellar was completely flooded again.

I don't think it is a burst water supply pipe as our water pressure is still ok and we have no issues with internal water hot or cold and the water level remains static. There are apparently streams running along side and underneath the house but this has never happened before. Over the years after a couple of severe weather storms where it has rained for days on end the cellar has had some water in it but that has dispersed by itself the next day or a couple of days and other than it is a just a damp cold cellar.

Why won't the water drain away and what is the solution?
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any farms nearby? Any neighbours shoved a large concrete drive down? you need to dig a sump near the entry point and stick a float pump in it.
Thanks for the reply. No there are no farms nearby and no neighbouring works done. How do we install a sump and pump if the cellar fills up with water immediately after manually pumping it out? We can't get to the cellar floor for water?
Have you checked with the neighbours for any problems. If it's being caused by a stream, then there could be a blockage further down the stream that causing it to back up. You may have to put a pump in, and dig the sum whilst the pumps going; if it can keep the level down, then that'll help you check for where the waters coming from.
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Check your drains. If you have a manhole look in that otherwise put some green dye down the toilet and and external drains.
Work your way back up the slope looking for obvious "causes" and any roadworks or building activity in houses, driveways etc.
Call the utility and ask for a report on your area.
ie. do things to eliminate possible causes including the suggestions above.
If nothing comes up then it might be a case of simple ground water rising & flowing because of the rain sodden earth.

Whats to be done - I wouldn't like to suggest a solution.
Check with your neighbours that they have water, call out your water provider and tell them there is a burst water main and they can test the water to tell if mains or sewage. Then take it from there.

Let us know what happens.

The water is clean so it is not drains/sewerage. One neighbours cellar is dry and the other neighbour says it is just normal wetness. The water level has gone up slightly today and I now have a builder coming out this week to try and diagnose the problem.

Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to the cost of a sump and pump installed by a professional? And also if workman have to dig down the basement floor to diagnose the problem again what would've the rough cost for a small terraced house?

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