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ok, im sure theres been many posts like this, but i need help from genuine people and i've got to at least try...

ive just finished a gas installation course(blue flame certificate) and ive been struggling albiet 1 50/50 chance on getting a placement. im from the birmingham/kingstanding area, and willing to travel to surrounding areas including sutton coldfield, walsall, lichfield, wolves, west brom, solihull, etc. ive done all the theory and practical @ north birmingham college (in 4 weeks!) for ccn1 and all the appliances (fires, cookers, meters, heating and boilers). im 26, loyal, hardworking, and willing to jump at an opportunity. i really want this to work so please help, ive spent alot of time and money and will give 110%. i hope someone out there can give me a chance, so if thats you please reply.

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Do I take it that you have PASSED the ACS assessments after a four week course?

If so exactly what are you looking for now and for how long and to achieve what?


when i was an apprentice my gaffer wouldnt let me touch any gas appliance for 4 months
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If so exactly what are you looking for now and for how long and to achieve what?

Tony, put some fekkin commas, in that question.

:cry: :LOL:
no i havent passed my acs assessments yet. the 4 weeks ive done at college was intensive theory and practical for beginners to know everything they need to know to service, comission, install meters, boilers, cookers, fires ventillation, flues, safety, british standards etc etc. ive covered everything. all i need is the opportunity to work with a corgi registered engineer for a minimum of 8 weeks to gather evidence to complete a portfolio of work, i have proven i can do. then i go back to college to take my acs assessments and voilla! hopefully ill be a corgi engineer. so please please please, heeeelp!
Everything in 4 weeks on so many subjects don`t kid yourself and don`t let them kid you .

Hope you find someone to help ya out though
help please people :confused: yes it was intensive and yes it was too much in too short a time, but the whole idea of having the placement is to put alot of it into practice. i know of 2 people who did the course previously to me, and are doing very well now, so i have seen the results work.
all i need is the opportunity to work with a corgi registered engineer for a minimum of 8 weeks to gather evidence to complete a portfolio of work,

What basis are you hoping to "work with a CORGI" ?

What benefit do you think that the CORGI would gain?

See i used to be all for helping people once they genuinely took there acs etc. But with the influx of 4 week / 12 week gas operatives out there and the competition it now brings as well as shoddy work, and the ease that corgi have made see now i gather if a guy with ACS joins a firm, works for a couple of weeks then then applies to join corgi can get it for 204 quid no inspection fee - No portfolio required, can start working immediately under there own corgi number, so why would anyone really want to help a competitor start up in a mater of weeks for some free labour (When they will have to go slower, and keep an eye on you while showing you the ropes), knowing your customers, what your charging and access to your customer methods and business practices.

Maybe the way to go if anyone was to help you would be a no-compete and no working with competitors agreement say a minimum term of 3 years with the business that helps you. Basically this will say unless a court decides otherwise (i.e they sack you for no reason after a week) you will not be able to work, start, manage, operate, have any say in any other plumbing, heating gas or associated industry for 3 whole years without paying the company an agreed contract by out amount i would say around £12,000) Oh and a no working with 100 Mile radius of the business as well. I would also add a no-solicitation clause in to.
Troy Tempest has a good point.

You cannot expect to train with someone in your locale if your aim is to eventually set up in business yourself.

You might be of limited help while you are learning. My company in Surrey would not countenance taking on someone on these terms.

It may be better to learn with a company or sole trader far away from home, then there is little conflict of interest.

But remember, ask yourself why any of us would want you around. what can you offer? How do we know your practical skills are any good?

If I were you I would suggest you could travel further, and give us an idea why you will be a great plumber. Eg: rebuilt engines in your car, worked in the building trade, ex plumber, joiner etc. Good at football and interested in computers is what I normally see on CVs for trainees. We know these are dreamers.
Good point from simond seen loads who can pass the theory but cant even use a pair of grips, having a mechanical mind and being able to work with your hands is what you will need most, This is certainly a multi task trade involving roofing /bricky/sparky/plastering/chippy etc etc and not forgeting the diplomatic side
A simple first test is to see if they know which way to turn to undo a bolt!

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