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Directed by
Zack Snyder
Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, "300" concerns the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, where the King of Sparta led his army against the advancing Persians; the battle is said to have inspired all of Greece to band together against the Persians, and helped usher in the world's first democracy.

In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. Persian King Xerxes lead a Army of well over 100,000 (Persian king Xerxes before war has about 170,000 army) men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and other Slave soldiers. Xerxes waited for 10 days for King Leonidas to surrender or withdraw left with no options he moved. The battle lasted for about 3 days and after which all 300 Spartans were killed. The Spartan defeat was not the one expected as a local shepherd named Ephialtes defected to the Persians and informed Xerxes of a separate path through Thermopylae, which the Persians could use to outflank the Greeks.

excellent film 9/10 must see...

I was worried this was going to be like other Frank Miller's novels brought too the screen , like sin city , but NO .........
This is a fantastic film ......
special mention too

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, outstanding ..
Lena Headey who plays a very Gorgeous Queen Gorgo...

Vincent Regan was good as the Captain in this .....usually plays cockney gangsters ...

this is a very gory arms/heads /legs chopping off kind of film but the dramatic speches in this are SUPERB ....

Spartan King Leonidas: We Spartans have descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life. Spartans: the finest soldiers the world has ever known.

a few quotes ...

THIS......... IS................. SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spartan King Leonidas: Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time.
Persian Officer: SPARTANS! Lay down your weapons!
Spartan King Leonidas: Persians...COME AND GET THEM!

"The thousand nations of the Persian Empire descend upon you! Our arrows will blot out the sun!"
"Then we will fight in the shade."

Go see this !!.....;)
Its a classic .......

btw regarding the new Micheal Madson Orange advert at the cinema , they/Orange have swapped the usual dark haired guy in the ads ,!!!!

he isnt the same guy from past adverts , strange really as the new guy that replaces him is a *spit of him*
maybe old guy wanted more money an was sacked ?
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It looks a very good film what I've seen in previews.But there are some weired looking creature in it.I've also read that's it is not very historically
acqurite but as long as it's entertaining it will do.Best regards.
wonderful film ......

Wasnt expecting a lot ......but its a Cracker ...;)

had me quite tearful in parts .....
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