Gas Oven on full or nothing ????

21 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
I've had a gas oven (STRATHAVON Mk5 - Model GSR5-6B) for a while now & had no probs.
Turned the oven gas knob on 3, pressed the flame buttons and ignited the left/right flames. No Probs.
When I turned the Knob on full, the flames didn't move. Turned it to 1 still nothing happened and realised when the Knob is anywhere past low the flames are on full !!! I have no control of the heat.
The oven hasn't been tampered with. Is there anything I can do without getting someone out ??
Thanx in advance !!!
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There may be nothing wrong with it.

If you are looking at the flame with the door open, the thermostat will be demanding a full gas supply, because the stat is actually operating on the room temperature, not just the oven.

The best way to test ovens is to do a baking test.
Buy a packef of a Sponge Cake mix, and follow the instructions precisely, and then inspect the result after it has been baking for the recommended time in the packets instructions.
Sandwells suggestion might sound more appealing as you get to eat a big cake at the end of his project ;) but...

I had a similar problem with my gas cooker (but electric oven) which had a setting of 'on or off'. Picked up an internal thermometer for it for a fiver which was reasuring to watch rise up every time it was switched on. You could use one of these to test if the temperature is rising or falling with each setting. I picked it up in one of those kitchen hardware shops you get in the big shopping centres.
:D sandwells reply is strangely similar to the british gas board test of some years ago.there was an actual gas board cake mix to test the oven in cases of complaint (its true) its quick and fairly accurate
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