Gas pressure?

22 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I am having trouble getting my boiler to work between the hrs of say 9am and 11pm
After 11 pm I can get the boiler to fire up both manually and automatically on the timer.So I know it is nothing to do with the timer switch.
In the day time it just fires and cuts out.
There is a new estate being built behind my house and I have only been having trouble since work began there.
Somebody said it might be to do with the gas pressure dropping in the daytime.
Does anybody have any ideas of what the possible reason could be?
Also do you have a remedy or will I have to wait for the engineer to come out? I have been waiting over a wk for him already...
All suggestions welcome
Last thing I have only used this a few times and I can never find my Q once I have posted it so I can read my replys.Can u also inform me where to look for replies
Sending thanks in advance
My boiler is a Glowworm Economy Plus 40B - if that makes any difference
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you will need and rgi for this one. you'll need standing, working and burner pressures checking. hopefully you;ll get luck and its the governer on the meter thats sticking. if not possible the filter(if any) on the gas valve may be blocked.

to find your post go to the main forum index and look at the top right of page. there is an option to view your posts under your username.
Thanks for your reply gavinda.Whats an rgi? Is that a Corgi registered?
Why would it work fine between 11pm and 9 am but not 9am-11pm?Surely if it was blocked it wouldn't work at all?
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I really dont see why you are having to wait for "over a week..."

Most breakdown firms expect to come within 24 hrs and if not the same day then the next.

Even British Gas come within 3-4 days!

Make sure that the engineer comes during the "off" times!

Yout best bet is to contact TRANSCO, they are the only ones allowed to change the govenor. The filter on the gas valve wont be blocked or it will happen all the time not at certain times. can you run the boiler and fire the gas hobs?? if not then sounds like the govenor sticking.
If it was a serious supply pressure fault then you should be able to notice a smaller flame on the gas hob at the times the boiler failed to fire.

It would also be worth watching the hob flame as the boiler tries to start.

Thanks for all your help guys.

I think I have worked out that the govenor is something to do with the gas metre outside
That is all supplied by British Gas. Do I have to still contact Transco or BG?
Also if it is the meter - is that my expense or BG cost?
If mine any ideas how much I should be paying?

Ive never heard of an argi regestered engineer - this is all new to me and I am somewhat out of my depth
you still need a gas qualified person to make the call on the governer. nat grid may charge you if its not the governer.

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