Good money after bad??


1 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Last night myself and Mrs RJB (very pregant baby due Sunday) were watching when the TV when the electricty goes - as I was being firced to watch 'Friends' my first reaction was one of joy. But Mrs RJB wanted it all restored as normal.

Anyway it was caused by RCD tripping and through teh normal processes of eleiminating circuits it aspires it was the built-in freezer causing the trip. In fact it was instantly tripping when I re-plugged it in. Luckily I have two freezers and managed to just about fit all of the food (except Vienetta and Fab lollies in the extra freezer - these we sat up to midnight eating between us as I hate good food going to waste - children in Africa, or just an excuse to be a lardy b******d :!: ).

I digress. I noticed that the termostate dial operated by 5p coin it completely stuck and there was a lot of ice build up on the elements. I did try changing the plug over as the original was a sealed type that came with the appliance. I noticed that it stayed on for about 8 seconds this time before tripping out.

I have two questions.

1) Does this sound terminal for the freezer. Am I throwing good money after bad getting engineer out (call out charges) or if any one has any knowledge about these things do you think it worth the punt and getting a person out.

2) Does anyone have any good remedy for evil indegestion :cry:
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Most likely solution is to chuck said freezer. (I mean dispose of it in an environmetally sound manner)
Had the same thing happen to a large, ageing freezer we adopted form the previous owner of our house. Tried to coax it back into life but gave up in the end & took it to the local recycling centre.
Suggests water has got into the eletrics of the freezer. The longer delay before trip after the time to change the plug may be due to the water partially drying out

Is there a self defrosting fridge fitted above it in a non ventilated unit ?

Very often the water created when the fridge defrosts is channeled to a metal dish on the top of the compressor from where the heat of the compressor evaporates the water.

If there is too much water, not enough ventilation. or the fridge is turned off and allowed to defrost the water spills over without evaporating and s0ds law it runs down into the electrics of the freezer below.
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Thanks. This sounds interesting. Thinking about it I have never actually defrosted since I have had it (3 years) so I assume it is self defrosting. It resently has started frosting up out of character. (if fridges have character :?: )

Also it is housed in a kitchen island which is covered all round. So maybe the ventilation is not good enough and also there's been a blockage and build up of water.

It has been switched off since last night and I am going to drain it out and give it a once over.

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