Hard drive about to die I think

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Ordering a new hard drive for him, so that's all good but whilst the tower's in bits, I was gonna upgrade the memory for him - but I'm not sure what kind it is and I would normally go onto crucial to find out but of course, the pc is dead, so I can't.

How do I find out what kind it is? I've not seen it yet, but he says it's got 333MHz written on the chips.

It's a pretty old desktop (maybe about 5 years old). I've been looking on eBuyer but I'm getting a bit confused - some of them are non-ECC which I've no idea what it means.

I scanned my own PC through crucial (which is about the same age as his but a different make) and my memory is DDR PC3200 - can I assume that his would be the same?
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I would be inclined to wait until you have it back up and running before putting in more memory. Then you can check it out at Crucial. There are many kinds of memory and a limit as to what you can put into the system...My old laptop for instance has 2 x 512mb modules but can only go up to 2 x 1gb memory modules. On the other hand my Desktop has 4gb memory and can go to 8...So lots of differences, some are SIMMs (Single in line memory modules), DIMMS (Duel etc etc) some are EEC (this just adds a check bit and stops the PC from crashing due to mem faults..not aways of course) some non EEC also they have different Bus (speed of the signal around the chip and some other peripherals) speeds (yours are probably 333mhz as you mentioned)....
Another way to find out which Memory fits is to go to the PC manufacturers site and put the model name in. It should show the specifications of the memory etc..
If it says 333MHz on the sticks, it'll be PC2700. If you can see the make and model number on the motherboard, you'll be able to get the exact stuff fom that.
Thanks all. I can see it gets complicated.

Went trotting off to the local computer shop yesterday - just to price hard drive (and get it if it was decent) and took the memory chips with us.

The guy almost fell over laughing :cry:

He informs me that by the time we get an IDE hard drive and DDR memory, we'd be as well buying a new system - especially if the hard drive's gone - he says there's a risk of other things going too...........................

So now gonna compare the system he offered with another one that my brother saw.

You realise I'll be back with the specs of the systems for opinions on whether they're any good or not.
can't disagree that getting a new system would be nice...but if you are on a budget then putting in a new HDD can cost quite a small sum (depending on size..) I paid £35 for a 160gb laptop drive a couple of days ago for a friend's computer) and £60 for 1 1TB drive for a desktop. The memory is the real issue...what type was it...how much can the old PC take (check on crucial). for my laptop 1gb PC2700 costs £36 but desktop memory is usually much cheaper...so for probably £80 or so you could upgrade it...but you are still left with the old processor, motherboard etc... Which may mean only a minor enhancement in speed. One of the things previously mention is a clean install of your old OS on the new HDD, this will give the system a boost especially if it has been accumulating programs and possibly not been defragged / registry cleaned / virus checked for a while.....
Never said there was anything wrong with a clean install, just that there were other ways, if you don't have a closed mind, to do things. Weigh up the pro's and cons and then make a decision.

this is my last post on this thread as having you constantly on my back because I make, I think, useful suggestions is getting tedious...

So once again...you win..
You can't take a little banter and sarcasm, can you? I never said your way wasn't an option, I just don't feel it's a very good one.
Well, he ended up with a new tower. A bit too spontaneous for my liking - I'm one of these pains that tries to research - but anyway - it's got a 500gb hard drive, an AMD II X4 Quad core, GeForce GT220 graphics and probably other important things that I've forgotten - but it was £300 - it was gonna cost £120 just to do the hard drive and RAM in the old one and as you've said, other things might have gone.

It's pretty bloomin fast I have to say - I couldn't believe how quick software was installed.

I guess I'm a wee bit jealous! :LOL: :LOL:
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