Help identifying lock please

3 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
We have a legge lock I need to replace, but am having trouble identifying the model please

I believe these letters are standard in the industry, but I have anotated them anyway
A = 64mm (width including faceplate)
B = 43 mm (from left of faceplate to centre of barrel)
C = 97mm (height of lock unit)
D = 58mm (barrel centre to centre of keyhole)
E = 152mm (height of faceplate)
F = 25mm (width of faceplate)

I have seen some locks matching all of the above except for C=107, but C definately equals 97

43mm from top of faceplate to the door catch
door catch - 18mm deep
18mm between door catch and lock
lock 29mm deep
44mm from bottom of lock to bottom of faceplate

Thank you

Length E is crucial. I went to a DIY shop today who sold me one which matched all the figures in the Spec... section except E was 2-3mm longer, but this didn't do as the housing is metal and it just wouldn't fit

Thee measurements in the Also... section may differ from lock to lock. They did in the one I got today, which wouild have meant me chiseling out more of the other door for the lock and catch to come out

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Sure will do so tomorrow ~ it's a bit late now

For the benefit of others, this is what I meant by A-F!20177

The lock closely resembles the 2645 on this page (i.e. yellow, the shape, the positions)
The door latch is exactly in line with the handle and not offset

Actually after a bit of searching I think it is one of these 2643's
Not too sure about the difference between the 3 models though?

However I also found the 2643 on this page - the case dimensions are all the same except the case height is 102mm here
I'll send them an email....
I think you have a:-
Legge 2645B if its finished in brass or 2645S if in satin.
Lock case for the 2.5 inch version is 64mm x 98mm. Your A x C.
Faceplate 152mm x 25mm. Your E x the width.
Backset 44mm. Your B.
Let us know how you get on.
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Hi thanks for your reply. You seem to have hit the nail on the head there mate, cheers.

I think the thing that's confusing is differemt websites have the same model, but different dimensions!!! Why are they not all consistent?!?
We have no latitude for anything to be bigger. For us the critical measuremeants are C and F. If C is too big, it won't go in the hole in the door. If E is too big, it won't go into the metal housing

dimensions OK,but called a 2653
2645, but C=110, E OK
(I can't click on the above link here, but can c+p it into a browser)
2645: C and E too big
Lists 2643 as C=98, 2645 as C=108.
NB The above people call their 2643 the 2643&2763 where C=98, yet at the site below C=108 for exactly the same model

I would have posted a picture, but I must have spent 2-3 hours googling these, and wondering why they have different measurements!. So it seems like on some sites 2643 fits my bill, whereas on others 2645 fits my bill. I guess one is 3 lever and the other 5, yet I am not sure how the first link I have posted is able to cram 5 lever into the same smaller space. I will just have to trust the dimensions of the site I order from, and check out their refund policy!
as well as photos of the lock, photos of the key will help. It might be quite old. See if the measurements look better in inches. E.g. C and F are probaly 4 inches and one inch.

if you can take a pic of the lock inside with the cover off that might help too.

Does this need to be a thief-resistant lock on a front or back door?
I think my best advice is find your local locksmith shop take your lock with you. Not a DIY shop or shed.
Tell them what it is that you wish to achieve, ie is it a change of key or is the lock faulty.
They can then either order you a replacement (it will then be their liability to get the size right), or rekey it with new levers and keys, or repair it.
The measurements I have quoted come out of a not too old trade book, so I think that 2645 is the one that you need.
You may wish to look at:-
This is straight from Legge.
Let us know how you get on.
Well I did find a locksmith on Wednesday before your post
He said it'd be 2 days max, but still nothing yet :(
You don't state why you need to replace the lock - is it broken/faulty, or you've lost keys. Both could be resolved without changing the lock.
The reason for needing to replace it is that the lock doesn't spring out completely of its own accord when the key is turned.

It's a Legge 3 lever by his reckoning.

e.g. the dimensions of the 2643 on this page match up, but it's the same yellow colour of the 2645 on the same page (note difference in size C)

Same situation as this website. Measurements match the first link below, but is the colour of the 2nd link

I'll post picks tomorrow
you've decided not to show us pictures of your own lock then?

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