Help !! Tile trim problem

7 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
We are trying to join together 3 ceramic tile trims on an exterior angle. What angle do we need to cut them at to have a neat finish. Tried 45 degrees and that didn't work!!
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Depends on the shape of the trim. Possibly you want 54º or 36º.
Surely if you cut each trim at 45º on two planes - looking down on each of the surfaces it connects - you ought to be OK? I really don't fancy the job though, or getting the measurements right. And I'd be surprised if you end up with a really tidy job.
I'd be inclined to mitre two of them normally and butt the third, picking which to butt depending on the look of the thing but probably the vertical one.
Any professional out there with the real answer?
What is the angle you are trying to cover ?

e.g. if 180 degrees,that would be 3 angles at 60 degreees

mitres are an angle of 90 degrees,with two tiles = 45 degrees each

so measure the angle and divide by three (or divide by four and double the angle on one of them i.e. 45 + 45 +90 = 180 or 60 +60 +60 = 180)
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Thanks everyone for your advice but I am still struggling to get a neat finish. This is a lot harder than I thought!!
What kind of exterior angle have you? Is it a "normal" meeting of three surfaces at right angles?
Yes its a normal "meeting" of 3 planes at right angles
As said earlier 2x45 degree on the horizontal and a butt joint on the vertical. This is how most people do it including many tilers.

If you are using plain white trim these corners are available in 2 or 3 way but are only reasonable.

One thing I find better with white trim is to use the white fix and grout, just on the trim, adhesive rather than trying to grout afterwards.

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