Help with Triton AS2000XT - wiring connections

20 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom

I have a Triton AS2000XT shower. It developed a leak, which I think I've fixed but I stupidly didn't take a picture of the wiring connections to the pump/motor unit before I took the thing apart. I know the blue wire was connected at the back of the pump/motor and the brown at the front, but now I come to put it back together, I notice that there are TWO spade terminals at the front and only one brown lead to connect. I can't remember which of the spade terminals the brown lead was connected to (the other terminal must have been unconnected).

Can anyone help/provide a picture? I can't find anything on line!

Thank you in advance.
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Try fig 4 on page 6 of this document. Whilst it doesn't show photographs it does detail the wiring schematic from which you should be able to reconnect all devices. One motor terminal goes to the PCB whilst the other goes to several devices. As such the double terminal may be used to perform such inter-linking. Are you sure all wires are connected correctly or that you haven't lost one during your dismantle.
If you are unable to read schematics then you need to call in someone who can.
Thanks for your reply. I should have been clearer: it's not so much a multi-terminal as two completely separate terminals, one on the front left of the motor and one on the front right. I see the schematic in the doc you attached, but it only shows two connections on the motor (whereas in reality there are three), so it doesn't really help me work out where to connect the single brown wire. I do wish I'd taken a photo before dismantling it!

Yes, I'm sure the other wires are connected correctly and that I haven't lost anything. There were only ever three connections to the pump/motor: brown, blue and earth. I memorised blue at the back and brown at the front when I dismantled it but didn't notice that there were two connectors on the front of the motor/pump :( [The earth terminal is altogether separate].

Ideally I'd like a manual/datasheet for the pump/motor assembly which identifies the terminals on the that item. Or a photo of the interior of someone's working AS2000XT.

Thanks again.
Take a good quality photograph of the motor detailing the two terminals of concern and we might be able to guide you further.
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