Hitachi 250GB IDE Hard Disk - Request for advice!

12 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I have just bought a few bits of hardware from a company that my firm uses that is closing down.

One of these is a Hitachi 250GB IDE hard disk.

I have completely reformatted it using the Windows XP system tool and it seems ok in that I can see both partitions of the drive using 'My Computer' and I am able to copy files to them.

However, when opening Partition Magic I got the following message:-

Disk 3 (238472MB 30401c 255h 63s) appears to have partitions created using a different drive geometry (240h 63s) This serious problem can lead to data loss.

No partition manipulations should be made to it using this product or the operating system's products. You should back up the data on this disk, delete all partitions under the new drive geometry and then restore your data using the backup.

When the program opens, it shows the disk as 'Bad'!

This has me completely lost as there is no data on the disk and I have tried using it both internally, using a removable hard drive rack, and externally with a USB hard disk enclosure.

When used internally, the BIOS detects it and doesn't come up with any error messages, although the size shown is only 137.4GB, which may be something to do with the limitations of the BIOS.

I have tried reformatting it again and the same thing happened and Partition Magic will not allow me to delete the existing partitions.

If anybody is able to give me some advice, or guidance, on this problem it would be very much appreciated.
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If your running Windows Xp with Service Pack 1 See Here for instructions on how to enable 48bit LBA (Logical Block Addressing). This will allow windows to 'see' the full 250Gb capacity of the drive.
I have got Windows XP (SP2) plus all updates on both machines that I have used!

The PM Program that I am using is version '8.0'
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I'd say that your motherboards BIOS doesn't have large drive support and needs to be upgraded. Do you know what the make and model number of the motherboard inside your pc is?

If you don't know or don't know how to find out then download a program called SiSandra from here (it's free) and then follow the instructions listed on this page here
The BIOS on the first machine, a DELL Optiplex GX520, is the latest available and as I only bought it at the end of last year I would think that everything else should be ok.

The BIOS on the much older second machine, a Tiny P4 (American Megatrends Inc. 62710 27/07/2000) seems to be the latest available but I cannot be sure of this as support for these machines is now, virtually, non-existent!

I have only connected the drive to the Dell machine via the external USB enclosure but I have connected it internally to the Tiny using the removable rack!
Have you tried deleting the existing partitions any other way? Right click my computer...manage...disk management?
I have just tried your suggestion "denzo13" and it seems to have worked!

The size is only showing up as just over 238GB but now I have been able to create a logical partition using allowed me to partition it using Partition Magic!

Many thanks for your help and all suggestions!
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