honda izzy HRG465C2 2004 Starter cord replacement

24 Apr 2008
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UK, Wittering, West Sussex
United Kingdom
hi All
my Honda Izzy - 2004 , HRG465C2
the starter cord has shredded the top layer and so 2 very small strands are keeping it together

I see that is is 3mm cord
wondered on recommendations - looking at youtube videos - seems easyish to replace - although the spring looks like it could be an issue
the cord is around £6 for 10m
anyone have any better recpmmendations

and for around £16-20 - i can replace the whole thing, which may be a better thing to do, but the reviews on amazon are not great

so anyone got any recommendations , would appreciate that

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Please don't remove the central screw - that's a tear jerker! The spring comes out like a cruise missile.
With the recoil in your hand, pull the cord against the spring tension as far as it will go. Watch the black recoil wheel rotate.
Now, lock the black recoil wheel with something.....(anything) and then you can thread the new cord through without touching anything else. Tie a knot in the end of the cord once through.
Releasing the recoil wheel will neatly pull the new cord into place.
Keep the cord lengths the same, and use a fag lighter or match to melt the cord ends so they don't fray.
Stick with the original Honda part - the cord has lasted 20 years, but the new stuff won't!
Job done, once you've reconnected the pull handle!
P.S If the cord has snapped, turn the recoil wheel by hand and lock it once it won't rotate any more and continue as above.
John :)
thanks - for the quick reply
any recommendations for where to get genuine parts , cord , maybe a spring , or the whole assembly
I use Gateshead Mower Centre ( Junglebusters) for genuine Honda parts, and L&S Engineers are another.
Genuine Honda bits are very costly though.
Pattern parts it’s GHS Ltd for me, I buy the cord in 100 ft reels though!
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I meant to add......once the recoil is off (3 Black 10mm domed nuts) make sure you don’t lose the steel spacers beneath.
It’s a right pain in the ass if you lose them!
thanks john I have written to
asking about the parts, cost, availability and delivery

thanks for all your help
Thanks , I decided to order a new recoil mech from GHS
i sent an email re parts and they called me back this afternoon to discuss and the service rep was very helpful in discussing the issue and confirmed, the part, if i wanted a full recoil assembly - which cost under £50 , which to be honest, to simply undo 3 bolts (ensuring spaces are not lost) and then simply re-bolting the recoil assembly was best for me

I can image the spring going all over the pace as shown in a couple of youtube videos - and then needed to use the thing this was probably a better solution for me

Hopefully will get the part in a few days

They did conform that the part should have a handle attached
for anyone searching on google or here for a similar issue - here is a link to the part i ordered

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yep for a genuine part , saw quite a few in the £16-30 range on amazon - but the 1* reviews (which i often read on items) all said the same thing - broke withing days/weeks of use , and the 1* were around the 12-15% mark, which is quite high - mostly pull cord failed when first used , broke , did not fit , holes to small - holes to big - poor returns
and as recommended on here - by your good self, seems worth while sending the money and getting a good quality product

who knows maybe the izy will see me out - been used on the garden by father-in-law when he was alive since 2004 - so it should know its way around now !!!! and not need an operator

now the tank and petrol issue (other thread) has cleared up - user error i suspect , i will keep it going as long as possible now

thanks again
Most welcome!
The only thing that will see the demise of the Izy is corrosion on the deck - new decks are around £120 and still available. The silver deck machines fare a little better - yours will be blue.
The wheel bushes are a bit naff but do the job, I rarely replace the transmission belt and have had few axle problems.
The later machines have an auto choke which is a pain.
I have four of the 16" at my weekender, two 18" at home here, one 18" on yearly hire to an allotment and one 21" impounded by the auditors of a landscape gardener that went bust .:unsure: I bought them all as knackers from ebay and they always start first or second pull.
I used to hire out Honda brush cutters too (UMK series) until some ball brain reversed his Transit over them :rolleyes:
John :)
yep, it is blue
it been on the coast all its life - 0.5km away
always in a garage and covered - But yep, is rusty - maybe during next winter i could see about cleaning up
I put some acf-50 , some couple of years ago , my son-in-law recommended , i didnt realise needed to do regularly , thought it was a on-off treatment


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the part arrived today (Sat) ordered on Wed afternoon - cheapest delivery Royal mail 48 tracked

and is a genuine honda part - based on the packaging

will fit over the next few days


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All fitted this morning , very quick to do and worked a treat.
I may look into the old one , just to see whats involved in fixing - or maybe not :) :)

Thanks again for all your help and support John

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