Hoover new wave 1300

20 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a 12 year old Hoover new wave 1300. Recently it showed me an E1 error code and another time it did not complete its wash and showed -2. I opened the door and the clothes were heavy with soap and water. After asking about I did a 1 wash with a few tea towels, then did it again with nothing and it seems to be fine again....apart from, it does not seem to spin the water out like it used to. I've tried a 10 spin but that doesn't improve things. Can it be that the motor is just not spinning fast enough, if so what can I do, or is the pump faulty? Any hints would be appreciated. Helen
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Start by checking for an obstruction in the pump or associated plumbing. It won't spin properly if it can't drain efficiently.
Thanks Fido for such a quick reply. If I want to get to the pump, and presumably the other end of the drain pipe (so that I can push, say a broom handle or piece of garden cane, through it), do I have to disturb the seal around the door? I understand that they need to be replaced if they are disturbed.

drain off as much if not all of the water.
switch off the machine.
carefuly lay it over on it's side. (soap box down over).
you will see your pump attached to the cabinet with 2 x 8mm screws.
there will also be two yellow wires. ( it doesn't matter which way you refit them).
remove the pump, the sump hose, and the drain hose and thoroughly inspect the pipes and the pump housing. particularly for a 5p piece. (they get every where).
once done reasemble and try again.
if you found nothing then repost and we'll give advice on sediment bowl problems.
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Hi, I was a bit busy last week. However, if I am to lay my washer on its side, as keithwasherman suggests then I think that I need to disconnect the water in pipes from the washer. They aren't long enough to reach. At the end of each of the coppper pipes there is what I assume is a valve with a small "key" on. One blue and one red. I cannot turn the keys. I would expect them to turn through 90 deg to turn the water off but they don't budge due to a lip and step arrangement between the key and the valve body. So how can I lie my machine on its side?
Hi, I checked the pump. It was fine. However, the problem has now become very apparent. I put a heavy load in, jeans and big top. The drum has become unattached from its drive. whatever was holding it on has rotted through. It is possible that the reason that it was not spinning the water out is because the drive was slipping.

any ideas?


ps. It's done now. All 3 arms of the spider had broken due to the corrosive effects of the washing powder over the years. I bought a second hand inner and outer drum unit, checked it all out, swapped some bits around and fitted it last night. seems to be fine. Just got the door latch to get to work properly. I'll just have to run it to check that the seals and bearing are all ok.

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