How to copy dvd films

25 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have quite a few old films and a few have broken due to my children playing them so many times, Iron man, hulk etc. I have read you can copy them. I have a dvd writter on my pc but have no idea how to copy them.

Can anyone help?
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I'd have thought there'd be loads already written on the topic. Seems sensible to go have a look with Google rather than ask someone to retype it here. :D
When you do your search for "films to DVD" be sure to be specific and state the film width such as "16 mm". That will narrow down the search results.

Usually, unless you have access to professional equipment, you'd have to project the film onto a suitable screen and record it with a camcorder.
Are you talking about just re-writing/copying DVD's or transferring VHS/film material to DVD's?
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Copying a film. Just tried 1 click dvd pro & any dvd. Thought all went well but when I watched the move it skiped one of the middle tracks.

Don't know what software I should use?
That is more likely to be due to the quality of the DVD than the programme, always use a quality disc, like Verbatim, i have never had any issues with these, and always burn at 4 x speed or slower, takes longer but you get better results. Depending on your PC spec, you may want to leave it to just get on with it and do nothing else while the copy and burn takes place.

Another possibility is that your DVD player is not compatible with the type of disc used, there are two types +R and -R Google it if you want, i am not going to explain the difference here, but check your DVD manufacturers website, they should state what the preference is if any at all.

And finally does the DVD play OK on your PC, the DVD readers on PC's are not as fussy as stand alone units, so if iot plays OK on the PC and does not skip in the same place, it will be one of the above reasons.
I will look into that, Thank you very much.

Can you recommend me free software. The one I downloaded has a limited time and will have to pay after.
Anydvd is very good.

DVD shrink is free and I have used it before and it works well. If you want something really easy to use then look at the other slysoft software as they do a dvd copier aswell.
The only free software I know of that can read copy protected DVDs is makemkv but that's designed to take a film and convert it to a mkv file so it can be played by many media players. You could probably convert it back to a DVD and write it using other free software but that's a more lengthy and complex process.
Your answer still wasn’t clear but I’m assuming your trying to copy DVD’s & not digitise VHS/film material.

If your going to successfully copy DVD’s you need decryption software; this was THE best available until it was shut down through threat of prosecution a few years ago & there was also a very good Forum at the time. It still works on DVD’s but unfortunately not Blueray discs.

Once you’ve copied the DVD, you will most likely need to use DVD Shrink to get under the 4.7 Gb max of standard DVD’s unless your burning onto expensive double layer discs; Both are free & I still use them. I also believe the latest versions of Shrink will now decrypt DVD’s but haven’t tried it.

Buy only quality DVD blanks which use Ritek dye; however; if the digital material is damaged on the original disc it will only copy the damage, it won’t rectify it.
Just download the movie from etc and then burn that to DVD.

It will save you a lot of work.
If they are older films then DVD Shrink should decrypt the film, rip it to your hard drive and burn you a disc all in one go.

Select the burn to disc option, when it has finished it will ask you if you want to keep the Audio/Video output files. Select yes then if there is some issue with the new DVD you burnt you can burn the Audio/Video files again straight to DVD with standard burning software like Nero (no need to use DVDShrink again).

Oh by the way, if you download DVDShrink it should be free! Last time I looked lots of people had cloned it and were selling their versions.

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