How to Measure For Replacement Corner Bath Panel

8 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom

I've got a corner bath that has to stay put for a few more years - it might even come back in fashion soon!

I need to replace the bath panel - I ordered one but it has come up too small.

Please tell me how to measure corectly. The bath fits into the corner of the room and both sides are of equal lengths.

Many thanks
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Perhaps I am missing something here, but if you make your own panels (or even if you buy some) - you have the bath in front of you to measure.

Clearly, we have misunderstood what you need to do / you haven't explained yourself well enough.

Even a picture would be helpful to get us started - perhaps even showing the non fitting parts you ordered "in position".
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OK sorry if I havent explained properly. I ordered a bath panel at 1200 but it is too small.

The bath shape is a corner bath. The two straight edges which go into the corner are equal measurements of 1200 mm.

The front of the bath is a straight forward curve. I dont know how to get the measurement of the curve.
No, my bad - I was thinking about the straight edges, but as you say, corner bath, it's the curved edge that's revealed......

Clearly, I am missing something today!

Okay, as a starter, run your steel tape around the curved edge of the bath.

Even better, if you are strong at maths, the straight edge would give you the radius, you could use Pi's law to work out the quarter circle segment length you have. I make that 1884, but double check against this!!

Or, a more tactile approach, offer up the "wrong panel" and simply measure how short it is. Then add that to the length of the panel.

Best of all, try all 3. They should all be quite close....

Hope I have been a tad more helpful this time. Would still like a pic tho......
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Circumference of a circle = 2πr where r is the radius.

You have quarter of a circle so (2πr)/4.

Therefore ((2x3.142)1200)/4) = 1885.2mm
Even if I was to make one - I'd still have to know the measurements.

Anyone able to help please?

You are trying to find the 'arc' of your bath. Every manufacturer will have their own arc, dependant on their prescribed centre point. Without the brand you are fumbling in the dark.
Take a tape measure, and measure the length of the exposed front top edge of the bath, this is the same curve length as the panel needs to be, I presume? That'll give you a slightly larger overall length if the panel sits inside the top edge. Then measure a straight line from one corner of the arc to the other, that will give you a close enough back side measurement of the arc for your needs. Take those dimensions and apply them to the new panels until you find one that comes close enough, then trim it to suit, as needed.
Circumference of a circle = 2πr where r is the radius.

You have quarter of a circle so (2πr)/4.

Therefore ((2x3.142)1200)/4) = 1885.2mm

Yes, my son came up with that one - although I'm not convinced it is the right measurement. I think I will get my flexible dressmaking tapemeasure out - that should work.

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