Is This feasible loft.

17 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just bought a circa 1910 3 bed semi. I'm looking at boarding out the loft and using it for quite a lot of storage.

Upstairs a new suspended ceiling has been fitted and the existing ceiling rafters are free above the new rafters by about 3"

The old ceiling joists are 72mm x 35mm and span 4 m from internal solid wall to the roof rafters.

I'm just sounding out the idea at the moment, but I'm looking at removing the old redundant ceiling joist and replacing them with larger ones at 90 degrees to the old ones. These new joist would run from party wall to gable end (4.3 span). I would fix the joists with joist hangars screwed to each wall. I would leave a gap between the bottom of new joists and the suspended celing

My questions are - does this sound feasible
and can i assume the old ceiling joists (to be removed) are not providing any additional support to the roof rafters etc.

If this seems like a go er i will consult a structural engineer for beam sizes etc.

My plan is to maybe properly convert the loft one day, so I can If do the joists right now there wil be less work in the future.
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