Leak from Radiator Valve

5 Feb 2012
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United Kingdom

Water is dripping from the area pointed to by the arrow in the photo.

I've looked around online and there is some advice to tighten the gland nut and pack the gap with PTFE tape.

I've packed the gap with PTFE tape and it stops it leaking but as soon as you turn the valve to a different position it starts leaking again.

I can't see any nut to tighten, the surfaces next to it are round and smooth?


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the hexagon nut unscrews from the body of the valve, then you can wrap the spindle in PTFE like a tight smooth bandage so it is a close fit in the hole. I can't see a gland nut on yours. There might possibly be a rubber "O" ring. It might be less trouble to buy a new valve. Take a photo of the entire valve, perhaps one of the others that does not have tape wrapped round it, and of the knobs or plastic caps which might help identify the brand. It is likely to be easier to fit a new one the same as the old, otherwise you may need to get the olive off the pipe.

If you wind the valve tight shut or tight open, it will stop dripping until you can fix it.

Perhaps my stalker will be along in a minute.

I did wonder if there was meant to be some sort of O ring in that gap. The other valve has the same issue and has tape wrapped around it also.

This is the whole valve.


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tape on the outside is no good.

I guess your valves are worn out.

If they come out of a wooden floor and have a bit of play, fitting new ones will not be too hard. But it will be easier if you can get the same sort.
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lol at that tape wrapped round the valve body:ROFLMAO:

There will be an oring on the spindle but you need to remove the entire valve guts and strip it down to do it. The orings are a weird size too

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