LPG Conversion



Hello All

I'm normally in the Plumbing and heating section.

I Have a Honda CRV 1999. Great condition 44000 miles still has original tyers.

Just learned that we have a new baby on the way (your the first to know)

For what I can afford I'll never get such a reliable car to replace it by going smaller. I have so much convidance in the Honda but it is a juicy Beast.

So is it worth my while getting it converted to LPG.

Concidering the cost to convert it approx £1000.
How will it affect my:
Car tax
Or anything else.

Regards Bod
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when i looked into it, it didn't really affect anything like tax etc,

the gist was that filling up can be tricky (that is to say finding a filling station with gas when you are away from your favourite local garage),
pricing can be variable (and inflated),
who knows if & when the gov.uk will up the duty,
it was going to cost me a lot more than £1k to convert (but good luck if you can get it done for that),
fuel consumption and performance might be about the same or poorer than petrol
and it was only really economical on a new / newish vehicle.

be interested to hear how it goes - i did some calcs on the mileage i do, what i'd save and so on - it was going to take me (i think) about 3 years just to break even.
There is a very interesting in depth article in 'Car Mechanics' September issue I think, on LPG conversions , tells you of all the advantages and pitfalls. I personally think that a diesel is better, if you dont mind going back a few years the Peugeot 406 Hdi is a very reliable car and quite cheap. There are some advertised with over 300,000 miles on them which is a good advertisment to me, and they will top 60 mpg. You should be able to get a good low miler for £2-3000.

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Thanks Fellas

Maybe if Id had done this when I first brought the motor it would have been worth
thanks again for your input